Duchateau Aether Flooring

DUCHATEAU has expanded of its Atelier Collection with the introduction of two new additions – Aether and Solstice. Every floor in the Atelier Collection is custom-made, reflecting a unique terroir influenced by the specific trees and conditions from which it originated. The latest color offerings revisit Atelier favorites, now with enhanced expression. The artisanal hand-finishing, combined with refined techniques, ensures improved color stability and richness that interact beautifully with light, both day and night.

Aether is inspired by the ancient Greek concept of the realm above the clouds, Aether captures the essence of pure, bright air. This shade presents a soft, subtle beige, free from any surface haze and devoid of grey, pink, or yellow undertones. The result is a balanced, buoyant color that embodies the serene quality of the upper sky.

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Posted in: Kitchen Surfaces

Tagged with: Duchateau , wood flooring

Published: July 8, 2024
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