Diresco's BIO-UV formulation quartz offers UV stability and harmony between product and nature.

Diresco‘s BIO-UV formulation is a significant evolution in quartz surfacing and provides superior quality, a flawless finish, enhanced technical properties, UV stability, permitted outdoor usage and an advanced harmony between product and nature. The resin the company uses in the manufacturing process is environmentally sound and vegetal in origin. Diresco monitors its environmental impact and pursues improvements to its environmental performance to ensure that it always operate in an environmentally sound manner and is certified by numerous regulatory bodies, such as ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9001, GreenGuard, GreenGuard Gold, NSF, and Intertek.

The combination of the brand’s large format slabs, multiple thicknesses and multiple finishes provides significant design possibilities. Diresco BIO-UV surfaces are available in a large format, with a guaranteed usable surface measurement of 125 by 61 inches. The surfaces are available in 1.2-cm, 2-cm and 3-cm thicknesses and available in a Poli, Velvet or Anticato Finish. Diresco BIO-UV quartz surfaces open up possibilities for quartz surface applications, including interior and exterior projects.

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Posted in: Outdoor Living

Published: May 2, 2019
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