Devon&Devon Urban Slabs

The new Urban collection of slabs and wallpapers by Devon&Devon and Marcel Wanders studio is inspired by the heart of the city.

Designed to seamlessly cover walls, furniture and accessories, the Urban slabs and wallpapers by Devon&Devon and Marcel Wanders studio is inspired by the network of buildings and roads that draws the heart of cities, celebrating the weaves of social cohesion that populate them. The stylized shapes render the human-centric landscape abstract and, seen from a distance, it loses its geographical map-like solidity, taking on a texture that closely echoes the seamless materiality of the raw concrete.

To discover the secret of this surprising urban garden, you must get close and lose yourself in its roads and lanes. Only then does the apparently familiar pattern of Urban reveal the unexpected. A network of canals and a wide river, Michelangelo’s David and a windmill, a Vespa and a bicycle are the landmarks of a surreal map, fruit of the fusion of the two cities in which the Secret Garden project was first sparked: the Florence of Devon&Devon and the Amsterdam of Marcel Wanders studio.

With Urban, the home and bathroom are transformed into immersive spaces combining aesthetics and imagination in a brand new equilibrium. Available in three color variants — blue, black and white — the Urban pattern is used for all the elements of the Secret Garden collection, from wallpapers to large ceramic slabs.

To potentially expand the human-centric landscape of Urban to infinity, the small and large slabs and the individual modules of wallpaper can be installed by setting them freely side by side, both horizontally and vertically.

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Published: August 15, 2022
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