Casalgrande Padana Project Wood

Project Wood is the new wood-effect tile collection developed by Casalgrande Padana in collaboration with SBGA Blengini Ghiradelli. These porcelain stoneware planks come in five warm shades inspired by Scandinavian design, where light, natural wood creates comfy and cosy settings with a pleasant textural feel.

Project Wood strikes the perfect balance between shapes and colors, epitomizing the idea of wellbeing. This collection’s colors and finishes replicate the grain and veining of the wood that inspired them. As the designers explain, these porcelain stoneware planks stand out for their “clearly visible veining that is different in every tile of every size, giving them a very realistic and visually pleasing appearance.”

These tiles’ color and design redefine the idea of wooden surfaces, replicating the charm of rare, sought-after wood in a palette of beautiful colors.
The sophisticated texture and tactile sensations emphasize these porcelain stoneware planks’ delicate veining and grain, creating warm and cosy settings in any style.

Project Wood results from research to obtain a durable, environmentally sustainable product. It comes in five colours (Mesola, Migliarino, Paneveggio, Pollino, and Quarto) and two formats. The 20×120 cm has a 9 mm thickness and a natural or grip finish, while the 40×120 cm format has a 20 mm thickness and an anti-slip finish for outdoor use. This latter version can be laid on screed with adhesive, perfect for balconies, patios, terraces, verandas, and poolsides.

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Applied directly to turf, gravel, or sand, they create walkways you can walk on right away. In addition, in line with the latest trends, these tiles allow you to merge indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a stunning visual continuity and improving their functionality and comfort all year round.

Photo credit: Casalgrande Padana


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Published: April 6, 2024
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