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Cambria has added four new designs to its existing palette.

Cambria has added four new designs to its existing palette. The designs feature subtle greens, surprising teals and high-contrast black and white. Deftly balancing warm and cool tones, they were inspired by the lush green landscapes of Kyoto, Japan, the intoxicating beauty of the Aegean Sea and the powerful influence of the global fashion design community.


Like the ongoing movement toward warmer and softer white kitchens—as opposed to the stark white of years past—Ruxley features subtle emerald-green veining (decreed by experts as de rigueur for 2021) set against a creamy white background. Inspired while on a morning jog in Kyoto, Japan, where dense fog softened the vibrancy in the greenery, the warm white background tone is combined with green that pulsates in saturation throughout the design making it possible to complement many shades of green. Ruxley feels like a beautiful, patinated surface. In the world of color science, green plays well with everyone. And after years of all white and shades of gray, the design world is collectively craving color, something more soothing while still fresh and modern. Green has thus become a perfect go-to. The green hue in Ruxley adds a delicate dash of color that is at once both forgiving and versatile, no matter the surrounding aesthetic. It pairs well with natural materials like linen and jute along with of-the-moment brass and bronze. A fabricator-friendly design, the passage of the veining crisscrosses the spectrum of the design to ensure a cohesive pattern in each and every slab.


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Cambria Ivybridge

The bright, pristine white background of Ivybridge reflects the lush greenery of Kyoto, which is represented in the purposeful dark teal diagonal veins. A new direction for Cambria, this design introduces a different type of veining that seemingly streaks across Ivybridge with compelling movement and is unique, distinct, and fabricator friendly. The dark teal pattern creates depth and adds dimension to the stark white background, and the captivating mid-tone bridges the gap between warm and cool colors while being uplifting on its own.


Cambria Kendal

While designers, specifiers and homeowners are still loving a marble-like look, Cambria found a way to differentiate it with Kendal, a modernized design that features a smooth, soft teal palette—coincidentally matching Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year Aegean Teal—swirled against a cool, white background. Inspired by the color and movement of the Aegean Sea in Greece, the soft teal of Kendal mimics the water and dances around with a cool bright white to create an interesting marbled look. The sprinkled silver crystals throughout create depth and look like floating crystals and seashells in the sea.


Cambria Blackbrook

Blackbrook is inspired by trips to Milan, the global fashion industry, and the most classic color combo of all—black and white. Standing the test of time, this high-contrast pairing has become increasingly favored in recent seasons. Blackbrook’s jet-black background is a stark contrast to the bright, white veins throughout. Together, the subtle equilibrium of opposing elements creates a stunning effect that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Beyond the symbolic resonance, black-and-white interiors are effortlessly chic—they rarely go out of style.

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