California Faucets ZeroDrain Finishes

California Faucets’ groundbreaking ZeroDrain comes in more than 25 artisan finishes, ensuring there’s a ZeroDrain to coordinate with any lavatory or tub faucet. Not only does the nearly-impossible-to-clog drain offer a cleaner look, quicker installation, and easier maintenance, it’s also easy to coordinate with any style of décor, creating a sleeker, more design-forward look in the bath.

The abundant finish choices—plus California Faucets’ wide array of accessories— means that designers and homeowners can coordinate ZeroDrain with faucets, tub fillers, showers, cabinet knobs and pulls, towel hooks, paper holders, and more. The vast list of color options also means you can easily coordinate ZeroDrain with faucets from other manufacturers.

ZeroDrain is an award-winning drain for good reason. Among the many accolades, it’s been honored with Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” Award and named to Better Homes and Gardens’ Most Innovative Products list. Less cumbersome than old-school drains with unsightly protruding stoppers, ZeroDrain features a cleaner, more design-friendly “zero clearance” look. In its open position, ZeroDrain’s stopper sits flush with the sink. Simply push down on the “pop down” stopper to close the drain and push it again to open. The stopper can be easily pulled out to swiftly rinse off the gunk that may accumulate over time and cause clogs. Easy, occasional cleaning means less build-up. And less build up means fewer plumber calls, saving both time and money. ZeroDrain has way fewer parts than standard sink and tub drains, so it’s also vastly easier to install.

Made of solid high-quality brass, ZeroDrain works with most sinks and tubs (both drop-in and freestanding) with or without overflow holes. ZeroDrain starts at $204 and $142 for tub and sink designs, respectively, in Polished Chrome.

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Published: May 18, 2024
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