Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces

Caesarstone introduces the first four new colors of its 2020 palette, each with a textured matte finish that caters to a dramatic look.

The first four new colors for the Caesarstone 2020 palette— Black Tempal, Oxidian, Piatto Black and Empira—have a textured matte finish that caters to a more dramatic look. The finish highlights the stone and enhances its depth of color. The four colors expand on Caesarstone’s 2019 “Seasons” campaign and darken the mood with deeper hues.

Black Tempal is a new development layered with emotion and depth. Soft mineral deposits create a subtle veil across the slab in contrast to its black charcoal base. The rough finish and complex composition are layered, capturing these warm granular highlights just as in real stone, all the while maintaining the ease of care for which Caesarstone designs are known.

With Oxidian, Caesarstone has developed a pleasingly aged surface, while maintaining the practical durability and easy care synonymous with all its products. The innovative dark gray metal base has true depth, thanks to a textured matte finish that can be felt, and marked with an oxidized russet effect distributed unevenly like real rust.

Piatto Black offers the ultimate dark. With a fine granular appearance that is complemented by a textured finish, which enhances a deeper, more intense black.

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Empira Black features a rich black base that is beautified by fine natural white veins, bringing a depth to the surface while creating an interplay between color and movement. The inverse of its counterpart, Empira White, Empira Black is opulent and dramatic in one setting yet can also suggest the modest beauty of nature through the organic veining and slight texture that discreetly traces its complex body.

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Published: February 28, 2020
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