BlusStar introduces the Touch Induction Cooktop, featuring touch control and frameless, flush installation.

BlueStar is adding to its suite of electric cooking products with the new Touch Induction Cooktop, featuring elegant touch control and frameless, flush installation. Similar to the original Turn Induction Cooktop, which offers knob controls, the new model features advanced cooking technology with maximum power and precision for restaurant-quality results at home. The minimalist design offers a seamless, modern profile.

This 36-in. Touch Induction Cooktop is intuitive to operate and offers many innovative design features, combining speed and control with rapid heat accelerator technology for no-wait cooking. It heats up to 50 percent faster than gas plus has a seamless two-burner bridging technology, perfect for grilling or searing with the corresponding cast iron dual zone griddle.

The five burners feature three levels of heating power: standard, power boost or double power boost. The home chef has the ability to kick-start the cooking process on all cooking zones, boosting the power immediately for no-wait cooking and optimal flexibility. The 5,500-watt burner can bring one gallon of water in a large pot to a rolling boil in only three and a half minutes.

The Smart Power Management automatically calculates and disperses the maximum amount of power across the number of burners in use. The sensitive touch power selection provides intuitive temperature control with 12 cooking settings. All burners can deliver a gentle 200-degree simmer or maintain a perfect keep-warm temperature with three heat level options. Each burner also features individual cook timers so that recipes are easily followed. The induction cooktop comes with robust safety features, making it ideal for families, including a safety lock, pan detection technology and no-touch hot surface indicator light. The black ceramic glass surface resists scratching and staining, and the display has crisp, natural white indicator lighting.

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