Bemis Sanctuary 5000 Smart Bidet Toilet

Bemis Manufacturing Co., a leading manufacturer of toilet and bidet seats, expands into the smart toilet category with the launch of the Sanctuary 5000 Smart Bidet Toilet at KBIS 2022. With a sleek, attractive silhouette and the latest bidet features, the Sanctuary is a perfect addition to the modern bathroom. Bemis’s top-of-the-line bidet product makes the latest in bidet technology accessible for discerning homeowners who are looking to create a home environment that’s conducive to health and wellness.

“More and more people are realizing the comfort and wellness benefits of bidets for the entire family, but many think it’s out of reach,” says T.J. Stiefvater, director of marketing for Bemis. “The Sanctuary is our most advanced product and it’s luxurious, but at the same time offers incredible quality and value, like all Bemis products.”

The Bemis Sanctuary 5000 Smart Bidet Toilet offers a full range of high-end features. It has a self-rising seat and lid, a built-in UV self-clean feature that automatically cleanses the nozzle after each use, and auto flush. An innovative kick button feature allows for completely hands-free operation. Users can easily open the lid and seat and flush the toilet with the kick button located at the base of the toilet. The Sanctuary also provides an adjustable heated seat, unlimited warm water, personalized bidet controls and a convenient night light. Finally, a three-stage warm air dryer offers a focused and comfortable stream of air.

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Published: February 11, 2022
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