Bakes & Kropp Elements Cabinets

Bakes & Kropp, a brand renowned for its custom kitchen design capabilities and fine craftsmanship, expands its offerings of signature cabinetry finishes with a new ‘collective’ creative series. Inspired by the serene nature of life on the water, the “Elements” finishes – Drift, Smoke, Mist, Steam, and Fog – enhance the brand’s offerings with richly nuanced hues designed to add a touch of liveable contrast to any space.

Each shade, unique in its own right, exudes varying depth and warmth. The diverse range of the series exemplifies the brand’s unwavering dedication to honoring homeowners’ dynamic tastes and sensibilities while blending contemporary style with timeless elevated design.

The five individual finishes are layered with unique subtleties that reflect the beauty of natural elements.

  • Drift, a flat finish on white oak, features a weathered look with intricate grain patterns that evoke the movement of wind and water. Its muted, cerused finish seamlessly blends with various materials and color, offering a versatile and calming backdrop that enhances the natural beauty of any space. The modest variations in the finish mimic the unique, uneven patterns found in nature, creating a rich, sophisticated texture that introduces depth and character.
  • Smoke, a flat finish on walnut, offers a slightly cooler, and deeper light wash compared to its warmer counterpart Drift. The soft shadow tones accentuate shifts and varied hues within its intricate grain patterns, creating a serene and polished look that can complement modern and classic interiors alike. The delicate variations in the finish mimic the natural aging process, adding a layer of approachable charm and patina.
  • Mist exists as the deepest finish in the Elements series, bringing a striking contrast to lighter elements that makes it an adaptable choice to meet the needs of homeowners who aren’t afraid to lean into moodier designs. Inspired by the gentle mist rising from the ocean on a cool morning, Mist is designed to evoke the tranquil and mysterious ambiance of hazy seascapes, bringing a sense of drama to any space. Its natural walnut grain texture is subtly enhanced with a refined wash of color, honoring the organic beauty of nature in a finish that is both expressive and soothing.
  • Steam represents the lighter end of the cool tone spectrum within the series with a soft, light gray stain that exudes delicate freshness. The finish highlights the variation of tones within natural walnut, creating a striking visual interplay of pattern and color. Steam is designed to bring a light and airy feel to any space, making it an ideal choice for creating a subdued and open atmosphere. Its cool, pale gray hue pairs well with a variety of colors and materials, providing versatility for those seeking a refined yet comforting aesthetic in their cabinetry.
  • Fog, a rich, true flat finish on walnut, strikes a perfect balance within the “Elements” series. Positioned as a harmonious medium between the darker Mist and the lighter Steam, Fog showcases a gentle, mid-tone gray that embodies the serene and calming essence of a light fog hovering over coastal waters. The finish reveals delicate wood grain patterns, adding a layer of natural elegance and subtle complexity.

The new signature finishes are immediately available for all custom kitchen projects with samples at any of Bakes & Kropp’s six showrooms. The brand recently heightened its New York City presence with a move to the renowned A&D Building at 150 E 58th Street. Stop in the new space on the fourth floor to learn more about Bakes & Kropp’s bespoke capabilities and latest introduction, or inquire here.

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Published: July 3, 2024
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