ASKO Celsius Cooking System

With the ASKO Celsius°Cooking system, home chefs can finally – and confidently – say goodbye to undercooking, overcooking or overboiling. They can also get new dishes right first time, achieve perfect textures and flavors, and make food that’s both tasty and healthy – all while avoiding the food waste.

The ASKO Celsius°Cooking system features either one of ASKO’s Premium induction hobs or the ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob with integrated extractor fan. It also includes the Celsius°Cooking Probe, the smart cookware Celsius°Cooking Chef’s Pot and the Celsius°Cooking Frying Pan.

The hob, pan, pot and probe communicate with each other using Bluetooth to always ensure the right temperature and the right heat at the right time. There is even a companion Celsius°Cooking website, which is home to a large collection of inspirational step-by-step recipes, specially created for temperature precise cooking.

Like all ASKO appliances, the Premium induction hobs have been developed to look stunning and perform beautifully with consistently high power, efficient cooling, and solid electric components for durability. The hobs are built with the latest high-performance induction technology and an intuitive interface that puts the user in direct control of every aspect of the hob’s performance. They also include several smart functions such as the Auto Bridge function and Auto pot detection, and the intuitive Easy Dial 2.0 circular sliders to set the power level of the hob or the exact temperature of the ASKO Celsius°Cooking pans. The ASKO Celsius°Cooking system is designed to deliver culinary versatility while effortlessly integrating with a wide range of kitchen styles and sizes.

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Photo credit: ASKO

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