Art & Forge Warren and Olney Hardware

Art & Forge is a new handcrafted hardware company founded by Rishap and Cynthia Malhorta. Rishap, a veteran in the hardware industry, was raised in a family of metal manufacturers in India who instilled in him a blend of creativity and business acumen. When Rish and Cynthia launched the company in January, they started with the Hague, Rosana, and York collections – each very distinct in style. Now as we head into the summer season, Art & Forge is introducing its two newest collections: Warren and Olney.

Warren adds a touch of sophistication and a dash of contemporary charm. It is characterized by its distinct thick linear ridges. These linear ridges add depth and dimension to each piece and provide a tactile experience that is both visually striking and functional (3 finishes).

The Olney Collection (shown above) takes its design cues from the golden age of mid-century modern design, capturing the essence of this iconic era and seamlessly blending it with contemporary sensibilities. Each piece is meticulously forged and then hand-polished to ensure a flawless finish (2 finishes).

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Published: June 5, 2024
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