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A new radiator by Antrax IT draws inspiration from Japanese decorative folding screens.

From the creativity of Marc Sadler, Byobu, the new radiator by Antrax IT, draws inspiration from Japanese decorative folding screens. Sadler designed Byobu as a combination of innovation and technology, capable of reinterpreting the traditional wall-mounted designer radiator and turning it into a dynamic, versatile item of interior décor. Conceived to diffuse heat into its surroundings, the radiator is also a decorative element that creates movement in the room.

Byobu is made of recyclable aluminum with the heating body comprising two slim, square-shape components with a clean-cut, linear appearance that move by swiveling around a central pin and take on various, surprising shapes. The two heating panels can be positioned both on the right or both on the left to form a single large panel or facing one another. When installed in a bathroom or wellness space, Byobu can be used as a heated towel rail. Byobu is also fitted with an additional accessory, the “momoko,” which means “small peach” in Japanese. The momoko is a hook to be secured to the wall, either on its own or in series, to hang towels or bathrobes on.

Produced to run on water as well as on electricity and in the 170-by-38-cm. size, Byobu is also available in a version with a single large heating panel, which displays the same principle of movement as the two-leaf version. In all versions, this radiator minimizes consumption levels and is quickly fully operational. Byobu can be coated with one of the many color finishes available in the Antrax IT catalog.

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Posted in: Bath Technology

Published: July 2, 2018
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