Antoniolupi Washbasins

The meeting between AMDL CIRCLE and Antoniolupi takes shape in the game with classic and noble materials such as bronze and wood, assembled through design solutions that draw on ancient and valuable techniques, giving rise to column washbasins with sculptural shapes, precious and unique.

Fabric ropes and staples connect wooden strips, while cast bronze is shaped into a conical and grooved shape. Ramses, Teti, and Cheope, as ancient monuments, emerge from the ground and take on the value of autonomous works. Shown above from left to right:

  • RAMSES is a column basin where the dark bronze of the top is combined with the black oxidized finish of the wooden elements that, vertically arranged and connected with fabric strings, make up the stem. A precious wooden slatted surface that wraps around, protects, shelters, and guards, a sink in dark patinated bronze or stainless steel. The basin materials converse with the tones of Frassino Moka wooden elements to confer absolute elegance and preciousness to the ensemble, which lies in the name and derives precisely from the excellence of the material. Ramses is a symbol of craftsmanship generated from the attention to detail of its creator and from the ability of antoniolupi to interpret every material at its best. To enhance its essence, to convey value, to redefine its use even in unconventional contexts.
  • TETI column basin is made of walnut wood and steel. The walnut components, arranged vertically, cover the entire volume of the basin, and are connected to each other by means of metal clips. The wood, ancient and precious, is worked and sewn in a modern solution, which tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Two materials coming together, two worlds finding fulfillment in a project that expresses industrial capability and artisanal attention to detail to create a mythological object born from the creativity of its creator and the courage of antoniolupi in accepting challenges.
  • The washbasin CHEOPE, designed by AMDL CIRCLE, is a freestanding bronze sculpture with a golden patina, made with the casting technique. The washbasin sits on top of the conical volume, which tapers progressively towards the base. The shape originated by the fusion increases the plastic effect, enhanced by the incidence of light on the bronze. It takes its name from the Egyptian sovereign because its brilliance immediately evokes the preciousness of masks and ornaments, the charm of sacred objects, the majesty of pyramids, all projects and artifacts that, at different scales, interpret the need for symbolic representation, the desire to assert prestige, the ability to create beauty. Cheope is the floor-standing washbasin in satin or dark patinated bronze that arises from the superposition of concentric rings, increasingly larger, which, rising, progressively outline the volume of the washbasin. Like an inverted stepped pyramid.
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Published: July 5, 2024
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