Ana Basoc Graphics for SpaghettiWall

With the graphics created for the new line of SpaghettiWall wallpapers, Ana Basoc sketches an enveloping and soft universe.

Her world is full of colors, juxtapositions of nuances, flowers and blossoms, pop inspirations, gardens of eden, suggestions of travel, while she “always tries to look at things from unusual angles, discovering new keys to interpret reality.” With the graphics created for SpaghettiWall, Ana Basoc sketches an enveloping and soft universe, with romantic and desaturated features, often made of pastel shades that veil the walls with elegance and make them delicate backdrops for the home, reception or retail spaces.

The recent Wonderlust collection of wallpapers reiterates that singular stylistic code with which the graphic designer had already signed numerous subjects for the wallpaper brand, starting the collaboration right from the debut of SpaghettiWall, in 2019: examples are Herbal, Fragrance, Mirror Flower, Water Moon, Meadow and Flower Serenade, with their feminine poetics, the stylized representation of flowering fields in springtime, or the drawing of macro-scale corollas unfolding. These graphics, each of which is available in different color variants and can be printed in very high resolution on different media, thus define Ana Basoc’s signature debut, which, with the Wonderlust line, evolves with greater intensity. Within it, the subject Eden is the most representative, with its depiction of an idyllic garden, where nature creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity: based on a refined concept of symmetry, the image is sized on the basis of the application wall.

Flower Thief (shown above) is a dreamy kaleidoscope. Bloom Vibration takes up the flowering theme but reproduces it on a base with a fabric-like texture. Pop Sunset and Palm Spring finally reinterpret urban landscapes and environments under the lens of desaturated color filters.

Between elegant two-dimensional traces, photographic shots transformed into artistic suggestions and botanical tributes, Ana Basoc brings a light sensitivity to wallpaper and enriches the SpaghettiWall catalogue with a selection of ecstatic subjects, customizable in hues upon request.

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Photo credit: SpaghettiWall

Published: February 8, 2024
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