Abimis Burnished Finish

Finish is on trend for "newstalgia" design.

The AISI 304 stainless steel of Abimis kitchens is now available in the new and sophisticated burnished finish, a special colour that changes shade according to how the light falls on it, giving a refined and contemporary aesthetic effect to the kitchen and revealing a special expression of texture.

Burnishing consists of a special chemical treatment that darkens the surface, without compromising the steel ‘soul’ of the kitchen, and improves its rust resistance.

Abimis steel, a material that is exemplary in terms of resistance, hygiene, safety and practicality, in the new burnished finish offers a further possibility for customizing kitchens, so as to make the space unique and personal, demonstrating Abimis’ ability to satisfy aesthetic as well as functional requirements, specifications or details. Therefore, thanks to the different stainless steel finishes, every Abimis design sums up the experience of having a truly tailored kitchen, customized in every aspect.

AISI 304 stainless steel, an anti-bacterial and biologically neutral material that does not release any substances onto food, is resistant to corrosion, to impact, to humidity and moisture and to high temperatures. It is also 100% recyclable and easy to clean. Perfect for year-round outdoor use and suitable for all types of settings, it guarantees non-stop operation, durability and a hygienic kitchen.

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Photo credit: Abimis

Published: January 3, 2024
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