Abimis Àtria Outdoor Kitchen

Designed with Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati, the Àtria is the brand's first modular outdoor kitchen.

Abimis, together with Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati, has created Àtria – its first modular kitchen specifically designed for outdoor living spaces. It features a stainless-steel core and is 100% customizable.

The choice of name stems from the Latin term àtrium. Ever since paleo-Italic times, the atrium has constituted the heart of the home, the room that played host to the domestic hearth and where family life took place. The concept of Àtria thus stems from the desire to bring together two ancient symbols of living: the hearth and the open space of the home.

Like its name, the sleek and essential silhouettes of Àtria by Abimis also draw their inspiration from the world of architecture: indeed, this kitchen looks like a harmoniously proportioned open architecture, defined by an elegant game of volumes and by the perfect alternation of blocks and voids that allow light to filter through, enhancing the texture of the entire project. The surfaces of the kitchen thus reflect the natural light in their surroundings, bestowing the feeling of a dynamic structure with an eclectic soul, capable of imbuing the most diverse outdoor settings with character.

Àtria is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, an anti-bacterial and biologically neutral material that does not release any substances onto food and is resistant to corrosion, impact, humidity, moisture and high temperatures. It is also 100% recyclable and easy to clean. Perfect for year-round outdoor use, it guarantees non-stop operation, durability and a hygienic kitchen. The structure is supported by slender and discrete legs, also in stainless steel, fitted with adjustable feet to ensure maximum stability.

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If it is to be installed by the sea or a swimming pool, Àtria is produced in AISI 316 stainless steel, a special alloy that, thanks to the addition of molybdenum, has proven particularly suitable for life in settings that are rich in chlorine and salt air.

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Published: October 14, 2021
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