Valentine’s Day Kitchen & Bath Products

Published: February 12, 2024

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re embracing the amorous vibes and focusing on a committed relationship with some sizzlingly hot kitchen & bath products.

John Derian


John durian Valentine's Day platter

Photo credit: John Derian

This floral-themed decoupage platter by John Derian could hold scented soaps in the bath or fresh berries in the kitchen year-round, not just on Valentine’s Day.



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red hand shower and shower storage sproos

Photo credit: sproos

sproos! gets in the holiday mood with the red-hot Lookin’ Good package, which includes a hand shower with three spray functions, a slide bar, anti-fog mirror, a multi-purpose cup and shelf.



bainultra bathtub

Photo credit: BainUltra

The Amma Oval Tub from BainUltra features 49 air jets and a heated backrest and headrest for the ultimate soak, on Valentine’s Day or any day. Aromatherapy and chromotherapy options are available.



outdoor seating

Photo credit: Oasiq

Oasiq, the modern outdoor furniture company dedicated to enriching the alfresco living experience, offers an eye-catching collection in the most passionate of hues. The Corail collection of aluminum chairs, stools, and tables, all in an eye-catching pastel pink, will add a note of grace to any outdoor kitchen.

New Ravenna


pink and black mosaic tile new Ravenna

Photo credit: New Ravenna

Lava Lamp, a waterjet mosaic design by New Ravenna, entwines Morganite, Desert Rose, Obsidian, and Absolute White jewel glass in a sinuous composition.

True Residential


red slide-top beverage refrigerator true residential

Photo credit: True Residential

In a piping hot Retro Red, True Residential’s Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerator conjures the spirit of Cupid. The indoor/outdoor mobile unit not only inspires thoughts of summer living no matter the season, but the cool-as-can-be storage solution also offers icy-cold beverages at the tip of one’s fingers.

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB managing editor




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