Unlocking Revenue Potential

Published: June 3, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of kitchen design, clients are asking more and more of kitchen design professionals. We have a unique opportunity to expand our scope beyond traditional boundaries and tap into the lucrative market of interior design products. Often, Thyme and Place Design‘s clients ask us to source tile and flooring, so why not lighting and furniture? When we pass those opportunities off, not only do we lose revenue, but we may lose out on additional work.

Recognizing Opportunities for Revenue

Kitchen and bath design professionals are adept at selecting essential elements such as paint colors, backsplashes and lighting fixtures. These skills are seamlessly transferable to furnishings and decorative accessories. Why limit us to being mere contributors when we can lead entire design projects?

Today’s clients seek reliable professionals who can manage all aspects of their projects from start to finish. Often, when I take on a kitchen project, I not only design the layout but also consider the furniture that complements the space, such as tables, chairs and counter stools. By demystifying the broader scope of interior design and embracing it, K&B designers can position themselves in a new light. Offering this approach simplifies the clients’ need for additional design professionals, as they can rely on a single trusted designer to bring their vision to life. Now you may not want to design a bedroom or living room, but you certainly can do a wine bar and wine-tasting area, a media room or a home office.

A Holistic Approach to Design

Expanding your service range allows for greater control over the design process and the completed project. By incorporating additional products like decorative tiles, decorative lighting and custom seating solutions, you can enhance both the functionality and allure of your designs. This not only sets you apart from competitors but also positions you as a visionary in a field that increasingly values full circle design solutions.

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Building Beneficial Relationships

If you are unsure about where to begin, seek out local trade showrooms who you can work with on these products. Cultivate those relationships. There are several platforms that will work with you to select and specify products as well as the procurement and delivery. Regional design shows are popping up across the country. Take time to attend and see what is available. If you would just like to specify the product, then charge for the design service and provide a list of products the client can purchase themselves.

The Evolving Role in Interior Design

As more and more interior designers are moving into the kitchen and bath arena, I feel that K&B professionals may be missing out on more than they realize. Kitchen and bath designers are well-placed to adapt and thrive. At recent industry events like the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, I noticed a reluctance among peers to embrace these broader service offerings. However, by leveraging our unique skills in new domains, we can elevate our projects, deliver complete design solutions and significantly boost our business’s profitability and prestige.

Raising the Bar on Design

The shift toward integrating more interior design products into K&B projects isn’t just about increasing revenue, it’s about meeting client expectations in a holistic way that enhances both the aesthetic and functional quality of their spaces. As professionals, we have a responsibility not to leave money on the table by limiting the scope of our services. Instead, we should aim to offer comprehensive design solutions that reflect our expertise and commitment to excellence in every aspect of home design.

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