Top Designer Shares Favorite KBIS 2024 Products

Published: April 22, 2024

Paula Kennedy, KBB Editorial Advisory Board member and owner of Timeless Kitchen Design, shares her favorite KBIS 2024 products in this post-show roundup.

Kohler X Daniel Arsham

I stood with this piece for quite a while, like you would a piece of artwork. The organic shapes and texture remind me of the beach, yet sleek and stylish and so touchable! The story behind the designer and the 3D technology used for its creation further broadened its appeal. I loved the “remote” knob in place of a traditional handle (above photo).

Roll Favorite KBIS 2024 Products


The Color Green Everywhere!

I’m passionate about biophilia design for the incredible benefits to Wellness in our environment. We all saw GREEN everywhere this year, and everyone was talking about it. I design a lot of transitional spaces, and this Rohl tub grabbed my attention. It’s a perfect shade of green and clean lines.

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Favorite KBIS 2024 Products Polar Spa

Pulse Polar Spa Cold Plunge Tub

I’ve been on a journey of personal wellness and finding balance as I juggle being a business owner. Last year, I started using an infrared sauna and assisted stretching in a studio. This year, I’m “plunging” into a new therapy. Most of us are familiar with the health benefits of steam therapy, and we laugh at those who do the Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day. I have so many clients who are installing not only steam but dry saunas in their homes, and now there is a specially created tub for a cold plunge in the comfort of your own home. Benefits include:

      1. Enhanced mood and focus
      2. Reduced inflammation and muscle soreness
      3. Improved recovery and physical performance
      4. Improved immune system
      5. Improved resilience and stress management
      6. Accelerated metabolism and improved cold tolerance

Docking Drawer


Docking Drawer Hubbell Pop-Up Outlet System Wireless Charger And Safety Shutoff

Another “stop in my tracks” from a trusted source, this great flush-mounted pop-up outlet is tamper-resistant, splash-rated and engineered to resist water. I love the one that has wireless charging and USB outlets.

Favorite KBIS 2024 Products Kraus

Kraus Composter

I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and almost all of us deal with food waste one way or another. The Kraus freestanding unit is larger and can sit inside a walk-in pantry, mud room or laundry room and has an air filter in it. For those who do their own gardening and are a little more serious about it, Kraus also has one that connects to the garbage disposal and has a 4four-hour composting process.

Delta Versacurl


Delta Prototype Versacurl Detangling Handshower

So much of our population isn’t adequately considered for its unique hair care needs. Way too much of what we do as a society is to meet the needs of the “average” person, which is a disservice to so many in so many different aspects. This tool works for many types of hair for detangling but also for other scalp health conditions. I was seriously impressed at Delta for stepping up in this way; this is what diversity inclusion looks like!

Artisian Streams

Artesian Streams: Faucetless Sink

I was first drawn into the minimalist aspect of what this type of integrated “faucet” or water source could allow. Then I found out more about how it works with motion sensors and that each spray area could accomplish a different task.

Verum KBIS 2024

Verum Italy Hardware

I have been desperate to work with more unique and personalized features for my clients, and many are drawn to mixed media. We must carefully select where to use these pulls, but they work on a sideboard, powder bath or any area where you can make a statement but may not be opening the door or drawer a hundred times a day. Time to step outside our design boxes!


Cosentino Dekton Full-Body Design Keilir Organic Collection Blue

While it seemed everything was about shades of green and natural wood tones, blue is still a go-to option for a sense of calmness, sea and sky. Not only did Cosentino’s Dekton surface execute this to perfection with this dreamy blue, but the warm veining goes perfectly with natural woods and warmer tones as we move away from gray.

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