Kitchen Trends for Fall 2020

Published: October 15, 2020

By Darren Watts, Wren Kitchens

As the leaves start to fall, the days start to get gloomier and the landscape changes in color around us. This soft change of season is the perfect time of year to make the home cozier and more comfortable as your clients prepare to spend more time indoors this fall.

Marvelous Marbles – Faux yet Luxe

We’re loving the swirling unique aesthetic of faux gray, veined marble backsplashes. Not only do they suit all types of kitchens from traditional to contemporary, but they offer a seamless, smooth look. This luxe look is very adaptable to all types of designs, and it’s much easier to clean compared to traditional tiles.

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Forest Greens – Earthy and Timeless

Nothing says fall more than earthy forest green cabinetry; marry it with gold or brass and a modern black – you just can’t go wrong! This traditional yet modern design offers a super sophisticated timeless aesthetic.

Plus, this versatile color palette is a trend that’s here to stay, and you can play around with how you accessorize it, depending on what season it is. Think deep grays and blacks during the cooler spells and neutral creams and terracotta accents in the summer.

Layer upon Layer

As the temperature drops, it’s natural to add layers, but most forget to add textural design to their interiors, especially within the kitchen. This year’s trend is to add several layers to create a luxurious, cozy feel.

If you have wooden flooring, think about layering it up with a seagrass rug and a smaller thick pile rug on top. For bench seating, add throws and sheepskin rugs – so not only does it have a visual impact, but it also feels cozy when guests dine. Also, don’t forget to add blinds and curtains on bi-fold doors for that extra touch of warmth and comfort.

Dark Wooden Tones

Warmer and darker wood grains are back in, such as rich walnut timber worktops and Italian-grained cabinetry. This look is influenced from the rise of old meets new and mid-century furniture. Tie it in with lashings of soft furnishings and marry it with muted or bold tones such as brick terracotta or even deep aubergine.

Structured Simplicity

To feel calm and collected this season, clean sweeping lines offer a minimalistic and practical space to live in. It’s all about choosing high-quality materials and items that put strong lines and functionality at the forefront. It’s also essential to have integrated appliances and hidden storage to ensure the smooth look isn’t disrupted.

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