Five Interior Design Trends for 2020

Published: September 25, 2020

With a new season coming up, it’s an exciting time to revamp those spaces and turn them into modern, sophisticated, inviting and comfortable environments. Here are five interior design trends for 2020 that your clients will love:

1. Multifunctional Spaces

With the onset of COVID-19, there immediately came the need for home offices, gyms and classrooms. Older trends – including the open-space concept – have paved the way for multifunctional spaces. A spacious living room is the ideal location to place a desk, allowing the space to be easily separated as an office/classroom. An open-floor kitchen with a long, spacious island can be a quick solution that can serve as both a dinner table and a workstation.

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2. High-Contrast Décor

Often, when it comes to design, I find my clients steering toward neutral or safe colors and tones. However, lately there has been a spike in demand for bold colors – especially black and white, as the two contrast significantly. Moderation is key, so an accent chair in black fabric, a black rug or even a luxurious black wallpaper can add character to a room.


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3. Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Revamping outdoor spaces such as grilling areas, outdoor lounges and pergolas has become a main priority for many of my clients. The pandemic has created an increased need for individuals and families to be outdoors, near the comfort of their homes. Many people are converting their backyards or balconies into sanctuaries where they can escape when they need a change of scenery. If your home is now your office, gym, movie theatre etc., it makes sense to create a space outdoors where you can disconnect and unwind.

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4. Pattern Patterns Patterns!

Playing with patterns is a fun and cost-effective way to transform any room without having to redesign the entire home. Reupholstering pillows, selecting a playful rug and even wrapping a wall with a fun wallpaper can change the ambiance of a space.

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5. The Home Bar

With bars closed and limited entertainment venues, the home bar has become a 2020 essential. Many people are now entertaining at home. Having an updated and luxurious home bar can serve as a conversation piece and give your client’s home a relaxing vacation feel, thereby providing a much-needed escape from the current state of the world.

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Luciana Fragali is the owner of Miami-based high-end interior and architectural design firm, Design Solutions.

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