Emotional Escape Rooms Explained

Published: February 20, 2023

One of the most searched topics in 2022 by Pinterest users was “Emotional Escape Rooms”. This makes perfect sense to me. The combination of the stresses of the pandemic, the rising costs of everything and the political discourse we are subjected to in the media (from both sides), evidently has people wanting to – and needing to – escape. People are naturally seeking to create places in their homes where they feel safe, comforted, and where they can kick back, relax and attend to their personal mental health and wellness.

My Personal Emotional Escape Room

I have my own emotional escape room. I did not set out to create a trending type of space in my own home, but there it is. My friends call it my knitting room but it really is my place to retreat from the outside world. What does that room contain? Well, I have a small antique writing desk, where I journal whatever pops into my head. Adorning the walls are beautiful pieces of art I have collected. On the floor is an antique rug I adore. Yes, I do have yarn, and I love to cocoon myself in there and spend quiet time knitting – creating items to keep as well as to gift away. While all of these tangible things add to my feeling of well-being in my emotional escape room, the most important items are my energy-balancing crystals.



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On the positive side, changing the energy in a space does not require a large display of crystals. Sometimes less is much more. Remember, it is your emotional escape room. What makes you feel safe, secure, and relaxed is the key. A simple arrangement of these beautiful pieces (above) can set the mood for an evening escape anywhere you choose.

Why Do Crystals Add to Feelings of Relaxation and Wellness?

To begin with, intentional design focusing on health, wellness, and well-being is an important component of any design I create for my clients. Using crystals in the design of a room can focus energies which enhances the ability of my clients to relax and recharge. Crystals have the ability to change the energy balance in a room. Without getting too scientific, crystals, under an electron microscope, can be seen vibrating. These vibrations are a form of subtle energy and each type of crystal produces a different vibration pattern..and therefore a different level of energy. Pierre Curie ( husband to Marie Curie) found that when crystals are stressed mechanically they produce an electric charge. You can create this charge by simply holding a crystal. This energy is the same energy you can bring into your emotional escape room.


emotional escape bathroom

Amethyst, shown in the photo above, is considered a protective stone that helps relieve stress and anxiety. Here amethyst is combined with an air plant in a bathroom to promote wellness and reduce stress. Selenite is another beautiful crystal. Selenite encourages peace and calm, It also can clear negative energies. Always remember the power of the crystal comes from its quality.

Designing Rooms Made For Relaxation


emotional escape living room

This beautiful living room (above) is an example to demonstrate how I designed a room for well-being and mindfulness. The comfortable furnishings, balanced and layered lighting, and soothing color palette created a beautiful space that helps my clients feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. For them, their living room is their *emotional escape room* – especially during the colder months when the warmth of the fire can be enjoyed. The green labradorite stone I used as the fireplace surround is known for helping people embrace their limitless potential and strive to reach their fullest possibilities, enhancing inner worth. Placing it where my clients see it every day, helps them feel supported in the opportunities they wish to pursue.

A kitchen can be an emotional escape room as well.



During a lunch date with a client, she told me how much she loved being in her kitchen. It was, in her words, “My safe place where I am happy and content.” Perhaps her antique brown labradorite countertops may contribute to those feelings. Brown labradorite allows you to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Furthermore, this stone is said to enhance strength, perseverance, and courage.

Without a doubt, it is easy to see how adding crystals to your home. As I have noted, adding crystals as a decorative accent or a major component of the design can bring so many wellness benefits to your home. As a matter of fact, why not try it yourself? Start the year with a small piece of something you are attracted to and see what happens. By all means, let me know what you find.

—By Sharon L. Sherman, ASID, NCIDQ, CID, CKD, Thyme and Place Design


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