Designers’ 10 Favorite Mudroom Ideas & Storage Tips

Published: May 6, 2024

How many of us grew up in homes where mudrooms were those unorganized “keep the door closed” spaces where muddy shoes, coats, bookbags and maybe even an ironing board took on a life of their own? Not today, my friend. Today’s mudrooms are neat, orderly showcases where everything has its own place.

If your client’s mudroom could use a little more drop-off organization – not to mention good looks that blend into your home’s décor – here are 10 mudroom ideas from Kowalske Kitchen & Bath that turn that mudroom into a showroom!

Mudroom Bench with Storage Underneath

Is your client’s mudroom the family drop-off zone? A pile of shoes dropped off here and a stack of gloves dropped off there. Maybe it’s time to add a mudroom bench with storage underneath. These hidden places are a great way to organize those stacks and piles and keep them out of sight. Plus, as an added benefit, the bench itself offers up a place to sit and comfortably – and easily – put on your shoes without falling over.

Top photo: Empty space beneath a bench can add extra storage.

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Heated Floors in the Mudroom

Imagine coming inside on a cold, rainy or snowy day with shoes (and possibly even socks) that are wet or damp. Ugh. Now imagine kicking off your footwear and stepping onto the comforting warmth of a heated floor. Your clients’ chilled toes and feet never felt so good! And guess what? It’s not even that expensive to do. In fact, radiant floor heating is actually energy efficient. That’s because it heats the entire floor and creates an evenly heated room for an even, ambient temperature. Now that’s a mudroom-changing idea you can really warm up to!

Durable Materials in the Mudroom

By definition, a mudroom is messy. It even contains the word “mud.” That’s why you should take a new eye to the room and update it with materials that are durable and easy to keep clean. Consider laminate flooring. Upgrade surfaces that can be washed and vacuumed easily. Use durable hooks, baskets and hardware. This room may take a beating, but you can make it look beautiful with materials meant to last a lifetime.

Hooks & Shelves in the Mudroom

Another simple, cost-effective way to keep your clients’ mudrooms looking neat and tidy: Add a few helpful hooks and shelves. Hanging a coat on a hook is infinitely easier than trying to cram it into an already crowded closet or, like many-a-children we know, dropping it on the floor. Similarly, well-placed shelves help keep clutter off the floor where it can be tripped over. Almost instantly, a mudroom can become a neat-as-a-pin functioning part of the home.

Kowalske Kitchen and bath

Decorative bins keep mudrooms looking sharp and modern.

Bins in the Mudroom

Storage bins can be another quick and easy way to keep things organized – and we don’t mean those big blue totes holding the Christmas decorations in the basement. Wicker, woven fabric or decorative wooden baskets and bins add a decorative accent to any room. Then assign each member of the family with their own specific bin. That way they know where to put their things … and where their things are when they go searching for them on their way out the door.

Mudroom with Combined Laundry Room

Let your client’s mudroom serve double duty as a laundry room as well. If they’re coming in from a snowy day, they can just throw those wet coats, hats and gloves into the dryer for a quick warm-up. Or if it’s muddy gardening or outdoor chores they’ve been tackling, what’s easier than throwing those dirty clothes right into the washer without traipsing through the rest of the house? Now that’s called two birds with one clean, organized stone!

Mudroom with Shoe Storage

Everyone here at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath agrees: One thing our collective moms disliked was a mountain of shoes plopped right inside the door. They were also none-to-pleased with all the “Mom! Have you seen my shoes?” cries as we rushed to get out the door. A sleekly-designed shoe-storage system can transform your client’s mudroom into an uncluttered drop-off point where everyone can put – and find – their shoes.

Cabinets & Drawers in a Mudroom

Here’s another easy storage solution we borrowed from another room in the house. Just as cabinets, closets and drawers keep our clothes neat and organized in the bedroom, so too can cabinets smartly keep all our mudroom items in order. Living in Wisconsin means we have lots of winter gear such as hats, gloves and scarves. We’ve even seen homeowners store summer items in their mudroom cabinets, including sunglasses, baseball caps, sunscreen and beach towels.

Hooks in the mudroom closet

Upper and lower hooks make it easy for the whole family to grab their coats.Hidden closet

A hidden closets blends in with the wall.

Closet Instead of Mudroom

Is there a closet just inside your client’s entryway? It’s a perfect drop-off place, especially if they don’t have – or have room for – an official mudroom. For example, you could replace the rod for hanging coats with hooks hung on the inside walls. No more squishing coats in an already tight place. Plus, it frees up the interior of the closet so you can use it to set up shelves or decorative bins for instant, extra storage.

No Mudroom But Have a Wall for Hanging Items

We know that not every house is built with a mudroom. But that doesn’t mean the walls in your clients’ entryway can’t serve double duty. A few strategically placed hooks, baskets and shelves are a decorative way to welcome everyone home while keeping things neat, organized and, most importantly, off the floor.

By Christina Kolb, Design Director at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath
Photography credit: Kyleen DzPloch Photography


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