Color Palettes and Celebrity Homes

Published: May 27, 2024

From sprawling estates to chic city apartments, the dwellings of celebrities offer a tantalizing glimpse into their world. While we may not all have the budget for custom marble countertops and private home theaters, we can certainly draw inspiration from the colors featured in their million (and multi-million) dollar homes.

Five Star Painting dove into the most-viewed celebrity home tours on Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel over the past year. We uploaded room images from each home into Adobe’s color palette generator to extract color themes for each location, resulting in a comprehensive palette reflective of the space’s ambiance and character..

“Adobe’s color palette generator enables users to upload a photo to generate a color theme or gradient instantly; so users can upload celebrity home images into the tool to create color palettes for rooms in their own homes that are inspired by their favorite celebrity abodes. Additionally, users can customize their palette by adjusting for a specific ‘color mood’ if they seek a darker, more muted, brighter, or more colorful version of the palette. The tool can be extremely useful for both consumers and interior designers alike,” the Five Star team tells KBB.

The hex codes of each room’s color palette were entered into to identify color names in each palette. Each color was grouped into a base color. From there, we tallied color usage across all of the celebrity rooms and palettes to find the most prevalent colors used in the residences.

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Seen in the graphic above, the top five most common colors found across the celebrity homes analyzed are beige, green, gray, brown and pink. The color palettes reveal a preference for shades that evoke a sense of calm, sophistication, and connection to nature. Beige stands out in 51% of the rooms analyzed, cementing its status as the ultimate neutral. This color’s dominance is hardly surprising; it offers a versatile backdrop that can elevate any space and allows art, furniture, and accent pieces to shine. Pale taupe, tan, and dark vanilla were some of the most popular shades of beige found across celebrity homes.

Not far behind, green and gray each make a strong showing in 49% of celebrity homes. Olive and sage were a couple of the most popular shades of green found in celebrity abodes, particularly on kitchen cabinetry and wallpaper prints, while pastel gray, stone, and silver were some of the most prominent gray shades found.

Rounding out the top five, brown and pink add depth and diversity to the celebrity color palettes, found in 47% and 38% of the rooms analyzed, respectively. Browns like chestnut and chocolate bring a ‘90s, earthy vibe that enhances the cozy factor, while pink – ranging from rose to bold fuchsia – adds a pop of playful sophistication and whimsy. No doubt Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” likely influenced this trending color.

Here’s a few of the color palettes of some of the celebrity homes analyzed by Five Star.Gwyneth paltry colorsGwyneth’s European-inspired home in Montecito, CA blends classical and contemporary, with a color palette to match. The chateau-inspired entryway sets a dramatic tone with metallic green, shadow, and stone hues, accented by pale silver and smoky black. In the kitchen, a striking set of imperial blue Hermès plates meets soft, off-white cabinetry, a pale taupe farmhouse table, and copper fixtures. The dining room uses silver sand, slate gray, and white coffee for wallpaper, flooring, and an 18th-century fireplace mantel.

rupaul color paletteRuPaul’s Beverly Hills mansion showcases a glamorous color palette fit for the queen of drag. Punchy shades of orange, sherbert, platinum, and turquoise pop throughout the living room, kitchen, and primary bedroom. The tile flooring, cabinetry, wallpaper, and window treatments feature a black-and-white palette that perfectly offsets the other bold hues in the home.

color palette devin bookerNestled near the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, NBA star Devin Booker’s residence is a testament to natural beauty and the culture of the Southwest. In the living room that overlooks the mountain range, Mountbatten pink, timberwolf, and light taupe introduce a serene, sunset-like calm, while the rec room truly embraces its desert surroundings. The bar area, game table, and velvet, vintage armchairs feature Aztec gold, dark gold, and russet brown.

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—By Five Star Painting

Photo credit: Five Star Painting

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