Bathroom Trends for the Spa Lover

Published: March 13, 2023

Bathrooms are trending towards a sense of relaxation with calming hues, organic vibes and wellness components. We will witness a transitional style that incorporates both glam and rustic accents. Removing the bathtub to install a larger shower for two and increasing the storage with a walk-in wardrobe is just a couple of the major moves we will see in our bathrooms in the coming year.

As we discuss bathroom trends, we understand that this indeed is a projection that changes over time. We know that these predictions will influence many design decisions. However, we also will see non-conformists, ones that beat to their own drum, not following the likes of others…and that is great, too.

Here are our favorite four bathroom trends that we are seeing for 2023 and the ways we have incorporated them into our projects.

Bathroom Trend: Tub Out & Shower In

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In previous years, the bathtub and the shower held equal weight in the bathroom, however today we are seeing trends involving opening up the space by removing certain areas. Homeowners are creating open spaces, removing bathtubs, and enlarging showers to infuse a spa-like atmosphere.

The new showers are large with open entrances, accommodating two people. These doorless, multi-head showers often have zero clearance, enabling the homeowners to age in place. The sense of wellness in a luxurious getaway is top of mind for our homeowners, who are anxious to duplicate that feeling in their homes.

What They Wanted and What We Did

Within this bathroom remodel, our clients wanted to maintain the original footprint and create a spa-like shower, with the feeling of more light and more room. Adding more water sources and ample storage for their cleansers.

To achieve this goal, we specified and installed large subway tile in a vertical application, allowing the eye to follow the pattern up the wall to the ceiling, creating the idea of infinity. We also added a window, allowing for light, and strategically placed it high on the wall, again, creating a sense of height and more room. For their storage needs, we not only framed a gorgeous, oversized niche, but we also created a ledge along the entire back wall that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. With the window, high ceilings, and a neutral palette we created a calming space, enhancing good vibes and energy levels. This is a roomy spa-like retreat for two, just what the client requested.

Bathroom Trend: Blue Hues & Natural Stains

Colorway trends in the bathroom are moving towards blues and greens with various hues and values. The element of water and defining it in a bathroom design makes the use of these colors very popular.

In combination with earthy natural tones and medium wood grains, the spa-like feel is emerging, enhancing the experience of our homeowners. We will continue to see warm tones, brass metal finishes, and natural stained wood with accents of off-white and pops of color for interest. Plus, homeowners will add a hint of metallic for glamor or for a rustic appeal with accents and/or hardware.

What They Wanted and What We Did

Our clients wanted to get away from the white and beige look and introduce a new color in their bathroom that would whisper relaxation. They also loved their original cabinets and were hoping that we may be able to incorporate them into the redesign.

Not only did we incorporate their existing vanity, but we also made it the focal point of the design. Whenever we can reuse, recycle or repurpose in a project, we do so! The rich wood tone of the cabinets paired perfectly with the tranquil tone of our selected Benjamin Moore Blue Springs paint color. Complemented with the gold and brass accents, we created a his and hers oasis that is both rustic and feminine with a natural and organic mood.

Bathroom Trend: Stylish Surface Selections

bathroom trend dark wood vanity

Surface selections in the bathroom will be motivated by large format tile and will be used on bathroom floors, with underfloor heating, as well as on shower walls. And, vertical tile placement will continue to be popular in the shower for application.

Light-colored quartz will remain a top contender for countertop selections, still being influenced by the ease of use and its sanitary value, plus quartz slabs will be popular as backsplashes, requiring fewer grout lines and low maintenance. These inviting choices not only set a soothing tone, but they are also easy to manage and add to the illusion of a significantly bigger space with the larger scale selections.

Bathroom Trend: Sustainable & Design-Friendly

Sustainability trends will continue in the bathroom with the most popular areas being energy-efficient lighting, floor heating, paints, and stains. Homeowners appreciate the benefits of LED lighting and gravitate towards the long lifespan, energy efficiency, design flexibility, and low voltage operation. With a variety of options, homeowners are converting whenever and wherever they can.

Another design element on the wish list is electric radiant flooring and we will continue to see porcelain tile with underfloor heating as a popular request in bathrooms. This added element of comfort continues to elevate the homeowner’s experience plus can save money on energy bills in the long run.

The third most popular sustainability trend in the bathroom is VOC-free paints & stains. Homeowners value that these finishes are safer to use indoors and don’t generally cause issues from off-gassing and they will continue to make requests for it as their product of choice.

What They Wanted and What We Did

High on the request list from our clients during the initial conceptual design phase was ‘warmth’. And they meant heat! Their previous floors were always so cold, getting in and out of the shower and getting ready in the morning was not comfortable on their freezing surfaces.

Adding underfloor heating was a popular resolution in this bathroom remodel. Now, not only is the stunning hexagon tile stylish it is also cozy. Our homeowners love regulating this heat source to mesh with their schedules and look forward to hanging out in their new space just a little longer. And why not, it’s so inviting, peaceful, and totally on-trend!

—By Tanna Edler, founder of Yakima, Washington-based Tanna By Design

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