Salone del Mobile Obtains ISO 20121 Certification

Published: September 22, 2023

The Salone del Mobile.Milano has obtained ISO 20121 certification for sustainable events management.

In the run-up to the Nest Climate Campus forum (Sept. 19-21) a think tank for sharing sustainability practices, solutions and effective policies for contrasting climate change, which is being held as part of New York Climate Week, the event that, in partnership with the United Nations General Assembly, brings together delegates from all over the world, political leaders, businesspeople and environmental activists to network and knowledge share on today’s opportunities and challenges in the fight against climate change – Salone del Mobile.Milano is reaffirming its own commitment to sustainable change, steering its business model along a path of responsible and inclusive development that will act as a benchmark and an inspiration for the entire sector.

A great many objectives have already been achieved. First and foremost, Salone del Mobile.Milano has been awarded ISO 20121 certification for sustainable events management, thanks to the work done to prevent, mitigate and offset any potential negative effects of the 2023 edition on the environment and or on people. The verification process, which led to certification for sustainable events organization, was undertaken by the multinational certification company RINA. 

This certification recognizes and rewards the Salone’s ethical and sustainable path, attests to greenwashing compliance and will serve to steer the events management system towards continuous improvement. It also provides the basis on which the Salone is moving forward, reflecting rationally and laterally around achieving an “even more” ecological co-existence of fairs and the environment to identify the next steps and actions to be taken to bring the sustainable transformation of the sector to completion. 

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“I am extremely proud that the trade fair has achieved this major milestone: the credit goes to the work and commitment of a whole team that, close-knit and focused on an important common goal, has never been side-tracked by the difficulties of the path ahead but has enthusiastically undertaken all the activities and initiatives this year that have seen the change within our value chain become even more tangible and concrete,” said Maria Porro, president of Salone del Mobile.Milano. “I see this certification as a new starting point – by continuing to weigh up our own environmental impact and by cultivating sustainable behaviors, as well as involving and enjoying the support of our stakeholders, we want to become a point of reference and a source of inspiration to the sector as a whole, following a business model that is as ethical as possible and that responds intelligently and coherently to the increasingly complex challenges that lie ahead.” 

To reaffirm its own commitment to a path of inclusive, responsible and sustainable development and illustrate what has been achieved thus far, to serve as an example and a stimulus for new resilient projects, the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be one of the protagonists of the Sustainable Italy initiative – organized by the Italian Consulate General in New York, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency ICE and coordinated by the Italian Embassy in Washington – at the Nest Climate Campus, geared to promoting Italy’s ability and primacy in the field of environmental sustainability. 

Sustainable Italy will bring together a collection of the best case histories of Italian companies that have embarked on the path to genuine ecological and climate transition, brands that espouse sustainability as an essential growth factor and believe that it must be pursued, vertically, in all supply chains. Several talks and debates have been arranged on this subject. 

The Salone will contribute to the occasion with Design with Nature, the installation created together with the architect Mario Cucinella in 2022, as part of the 60th-anniversary edition of the trade fair. The project discussed the themes of circular economy and reuse, based on the idea of cities as possible “reserves” of the future, in which many of the raw materials required for construction can be found. 

By taking part in this occasion, the Salone will be bringing its own thinking around ethics, circularity, the domestic space, participatory architecture, urban regeneration and upcycling to the attention of an international audience of protagonists of cultural debate, in the belief that there will be those who will draw lessons and inspiration from this that will help accelerate the process of identifying effective solutions to limit the negative effects of climate change.

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