Richelieu Highlights Unika and Trigon at KBIS 2024

Published: April 11, 2024

During our Editor’s Eye at the Richelieu booth during KBIS 2024, we got to see up close and personal the brand’s Unika puck light design and Trigon blind corner cabinet solution, which were both Best of KBIS entries in 2024.

Richelieu at KBIS 2024: Unika Puck Lights

Damiano Saracino introduced us to the company’s new generation of pucks lights – Unika surface-mount illumination for under cabinets, which is easy to install. The LED luminaire is available in painted-steel and black finishes in four configurations and is installed at a 15-degree angle for full countertop illumination.

Unika features a variety of dimmable solutions, as well as integrated USB chargers, and requires no wire management because of the way it is placed and installed. No drilling or housing is necessary for installation under the cabinets. Unika works well with Richelieu’s silicone lighting solutions: Flexyled AT6 and SHE4.

Trigon Blind Corner Solution

Chuck Watson walked us through Richelieu’s blind corner offering – Trigon – a solution to what he calls one of the more complicated kitchen cabinets. Eliminating the hard-to-access rear dead space in most corner cabinets, this solution provides a 22-inch opening and a straight outward movement to access the contents.

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According to Watson, since the door does not swing to the right or left, it is not going to interfere with access to a nearby appliance. The Trigon storage product also features a non-slip surface to keep contents inside in place.

Watson says Trigon is the only unit in the industry that offers a third shelf option in addition to the two in the original design. All shelves can be easily removed for cleaning and quickly snap back into place. The cabinet he showed us was a customizable, 48-inch-square unit that had a double unit to display blind corner access from two directions.

Richelieu is a company that prides itself on innovation, functionality and accessibility.

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