Egger Wood Products Introduced New Offerings at KBIS

Published: March 18, 2024

Michael Gerbl, product manager furniture and interior design at Egger Wood Products, focused on new textures, colors and finishes when meeting with KBB at KBIS 2024.

Halifax Oak, with its cracks and knots detailing, fits the rustic design theme that has been popular for the last few years. To further develop Egger’s oak line, the company introduced Casella Oak. It’s a more refined treatment, without the checking and knots but with a strong linear linear grain and a distinctive texture. The finish on the embossed material is low-gloss, creating a veneer look while offering the performance benefits of a thermally fused laminate surface, including stain-, scratch-, fade- and abrasion resistance. ABS edge banding is available in both long- and end-grain prints, adding to the realistic appearance of the product, particularly for cabinet designs.

With an eye to closet applications, Egger added a new walnut design to its portfolio. It was displayed with a complex surface treatment that combines both matte and gloss qualities in one finish. For the interior of closets, a beige textile-look panel adds textural interest.

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Looking at color trends, Gerbl noted that designers frequently combine oak with white elements. Egger’s new white-gray offers a softer contrast with that wood than a pure, bright white. Not only is this new shade more compatible with the oak tones, but it also coordinates well with stainless steel and its various finishes. Additional new muted tones – a dusty green, misty blue and a subdued gray – have a small touch of red that makes them particularly harmonious with the oaks, which also have a red undertone.

Turning to the darker end of the spectrum, Gerbl addressed the fingerprint problem that is particularly evident on black panels. Egger’s innovative antidote to this annoying condition is the PerfectSense premium MDF matte product. By lacquering one side of the panel to prevent fingerprints from showing on the velvety smooth surface, the upkeep and cleaning issue is stylishly resolved.

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