Coverings 2024 Sneak Peeks New Products

Published: March 10, 2024

Coverings, North America’s largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference, has revealed a curated first look at the new tile, stone, tool, installation and technology products that will be at Coverings 2024, April 22-25, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center, in Atlanta.

Ceramics of Italy, Tile Council of North America and Tile of Spain, Coverings’ three primary sponsor pavilions, will feature an invigorating showcase of tile and stone with a focus on design, functionality and sustainability. Showgoers will benefit from a firsthand experience of the hottest product trends and newest innovations shaping the future of the tile and stone industry. Attendees of Coverings 2024 will also have the opportunity to engage with top tile and stone industry experts and source products from more than 1,000 global exhibitors, representing 40 countries.

The following is a select preview of the newest tile and stone products Coverings 2024 exhibitors will be featuring:


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Photo credit: Emil Group – Forme -Ceramics of Italy


  • Anima Wonder, by Ceramiche Caesar SpA, faithfully interprets natural inspirations with charm and personality. It is available in three functional sizes and eight different color nuances to meet various design needs and applications. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 3635.
  • Cannè, one of the latest series by Ceramica Rondine, is available in five color shades, each offering the freedom to create unconventional styles. Light colors offer a harmonious fusion of structure and comfort with three-dimensional, parallel lines to restore brightness and refine the space. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 4055.
  • Chroma, a new addition to Appomattox Tile Art’s Ready-To-Ship collection, offers a stone mosaic design reminiscent of pixilated abstractions that brings a burst of color and versatile personality to any room. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7359.
  • Forme, by Emilgroup, is the latest Emilceramica collection inspired by the four natural elements – earth, wind, fire and air. Forme reaches into the distant past to delight the most contemporary taste with a warm and welcoming aura combined with refined design and outstanding performance. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 4075.
  • Geo, a new collection from Halcón Cerámicas, delivers an exploration of limestone’s serene beauty, offering not just inspiration, but a language that speaks of history, culture and natural art. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 2859.
  • Lenox Lappato, by Emotion Ceramics, presents new finishes to the company’s most acclaimed marble. Lappato redefines elegance with each piece of porcelain stoneware shining with captivating splendor and soft textures offering a pleasant and subtle tactile experience. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 2859.
  • MUSA, a new collection introduced by BESTILE, showcases the perfect fusion between craftsmanship and innovation. Its nine-color palette evokes the warmth of tradition while enhancing the beauty of nature. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 2755.
  • Slate Design Project, Landmark Ceramics’ new porcelain collection inspired by natural slate, combines beauty, rich textures and a distinctive appearance with the superior performance of porcelain through its two distinct surface personalities: Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7336.
  • QuarryBasics® Ironspot, from Metropolitan Ceramics, puts heavy use, functionality and visual appeal at the forefront, supplying a durable, matte finish quarry tile designed with a subtle, through-body look. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7229.
  • Quartz Stone Grey Matte, the newest in Cicogres’ Quartz Stone collection, encourages creative design experimentation while enhancing the natural allure of stone to foster spaces with distinctive personality and visual delicacy. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 2859.
  • SENSI NUANCE, a new collection introduced by ABK, derives inspiration from the most elegant of marbles while embracing the vast world of color. The collection is the result of in-depth research into colored marble varieties and stands out for its luxurious contemporary palette of colors. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 3544.
  • Sinai, by Coem–Fioranese, is a newly introduced collection inspired by the timeless beauty of Golden Sinai stone mined in Egypt. Its dominating golden shades with grains from beige to pale brown add a charming flash of color to any space. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 3534.
  • Tessino, an elegant and versatile new marble collection from Azulejos Benadresa (AB), presents in a wide range of colors adorned with white veins that fill it with nuances. Its wide variety of formats and finishes offer a vast array of design possibilities. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 1959.
  • Blue Ridge Porcelain™ collection, by Wonder Porcelain, takes inspiration from the stately trees of Tennessee and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to craft an understated, minimalistic wood porcelain tile look. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 6925.
  • Up, LA FABBRICA AVA’s new single-fired wall tile series, showcases an unexpected sculptural plasticity from its raised surface that is refined through plays of projections and recesses. Light molds its shapes into sinuous geometric effects, which can be further accentuated by combining different colors and surface finishes. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 3554.
  • Vermont, by Baldocer, combines the extraordinary beauty of American oak wood with the best-performing ceramics to create an exceptional new collection. Vermont provides natural inspiration through its porcelain and white body models as well as its four distinct color and size options. Coverings 2024 Hall B, exhibit booth # 1917.
  • Vertical Illusion – 3D Architectural Wall Panel, by Unique Design Solutions, reimagines interiors with fresh new lines and modern designs that create the illusion of height or depth in any room. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7363.

A preview sampling of new installation materials, tools and technology products slated for Coverings 2024 includes the following:


Photo credit: Nemo Power Tools – GRABO – Tile Council of North America


  • ARDEX TLT Shower Systems, from ARDEX Americas, provide a simple, all-in-one solution for tiled shower installations, offering a strong, lightweight, vapor-resistant tile base for wet areas. The pre-sloped, waterproof shower bases are designed with a patent-pending, built-in drain assembly. Coverings Hall C, exhibit booth # 7551.
  • MAPEI’s Carbon Zero family of products are fully carbon-offset throughout their entire life cycle, a status achieved by calculating the product’s carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through efficiency measures in-house, as well as the acquisition of certified carbon credits supporting renewable energy. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7736.
  • GRABO, Nemo Power Tools’ next-generation fully electric suction cup, revolutionizes how stone, tile, glass and pavers are effectively handled and installed, providing a faster, more effective way for installers to work. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7853.
  • Leveling Compound Mixing Station, from BIHUI USA by Better Tools, allows hands-free mixing for up to 5 bags of thinset with a speed of up to 650 RPM. Its lightweight body and arc-shaped spout make for easy pouring of self-leveling cement, compounds and epoxies. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 8145.
  • The Level Best, Best of Everything’s (BOE) new leveling system, offers a wider base for lifting and leveling large tiles, clear windows to see corners and edges, and convenient wings for easy tightening. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7849.
  • LATICRETE Profiles & Trims, by LATICRETE International Inc., offer a comprehensive array of more than 4,000 profile and trim options, providing the perfect solutions for floors, walls, coves, stairs, expansion joints and more. Coverings 2024 Hall C, exhibit booth # 7758.

These and thousands of other products can be seen in-person next month at Coverings 2024, April 22-25, at the Georgia World Congress Center, in Atlanta.

Main photo credit: LA FABBRICA AVA – Up – Ceramics of Italy

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