The Upside to Designer-Contractor Collaboration

Published: April 5, 2024

Earth Savings Solutions LLC started in 2007 without a designer on board. As we developed our contracting business, we found it challenging to manage and execute all facets of our residential projects. Let’s be honest, a lot of contractors are not well versed in design concepts, colors and functionality. In 2013, we developed a team approach that would unify the design and construction processes.

During our 17 years of practice, ESS has nailed down a designer-contractor collaboration system that takes the headache out of a project and creates advantages for our clients. As it is with any business relationship, ensuring that the partnership is a good fit and that both parties are aligned with the end goal of the project is crucial.

As a general contractor, I have found working with a designer as part of our team has important ROI, saving time and money throughout all phases of our remodeling jobs.

Benefits of a Well-Rounded Team

Working as a team allows contractors and designers to be fully transparent with one another, communicating openly and efficiently throughout the entire remodeling process and ensuring the desired results are clearly understood and achieved. Designer-contractor collaboration makes the project feel more complete, allows for a more seamless and customer-friendly experience and ensures the design will work. It allows us to offer our clients a turnkey solution, which has given us a niche in the construction world.

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Working with a designer allows the development of proper design etiquette and the best use of space. We can work hands-on with the project versus only doing a conceptual computer drawing. The result streamlines construction and alleviates the pressure of traditional design- bid-build projects.

Using both design and construction experts makes it easy to delegate responsibilities, allowing professionals to handle the trades in which they specialize. Offering this all-in-one option eliminates costly mistakes on both sides of the project. When changes do happen, they happen in real-time, and everyone involved – including the homeowners – are part of the discussion.

With the rising cost of living today, we are all looking for ways to save time and money. Combining construction and design services offers economies that achieve this. For instance, travel time for independent design work is eliminated. Product research and sourcing becomes more focused, with less time spent on the task. Working as a team also reduces the potential for error in product specifying, which can cause more delays and unnecessary expenditures in the future.

Having a design-build team in place allows both parties to meet the changing needs a project demands in real-time. It also helps streamline overall communication for the project, which is critical in minimizing scheduling snags and maintaining the original estimated completion date.

At ESS, we highly recommend working with a design-build team, as it makes for a much smoother, more efficient remodeling process and ensures that the homeowner’s vision remains top of mind.

By Jamin Katzer, Senior Construction Manager, Earth Saving Solutions

Photo credit: amnaj/Adobe Stock

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