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Published: November 18, 2019

Opened to the public on Nov. 14 through Dec. 15, the Holiday House NYC is moving to a historic Neo-Georgian 12,000-sq.-ft. townhouse on the Upper East Side of New York City. The $12,000,000 townhouse features five bedrooms, a sizable garden and a grand staircase. Each of the spaces is being reimagined by a hand-selected group of more than 20 designers, and all proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

KBB spoke with the designers of the kitchen and bathrooms to find out more about their creations.

Designed by Keith Baltimore of Baltimore Design Group

GOALS: “This is a home where sprinklers are placed at disadvantageous locations. Rather than choosing to ignore them, I have a theory of design that I put into play here – if you want something to disappear, paint it red. I thereby fulfilled my goal to orchestrate a cohesive design incorporating this obstacle.”

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                                         Photo by Alan Barry Photography

INSPIRATIONS: “I was inspired by several things: The Nobilis wallpaper of a toile-like scene, establishing the setting of this gorgeous townhouse. And I love the Alfonso Marina cabinet with its red interior and magnificent craftsmanship.”

MATERIALS: “In addition to the custom banquette I designed, I mixed black-and-white patterns and textures – the wallpaper, skin rug, vintage pieces and wood cabinet.”

FAVORITES: “Beyond a doubt, it was the opportunity to work in collaboration with Robert Bakes of Bakes & Kropp, a stellar name in kitchen design.”

Designed by Mariem Horchani, MHM Interiors

GOALS: “I wanted to pay tribute to the color pink, and what better way to feature pink than in a powder room?”

                       Photo by Alan Barry Photography

INSPIRATIONS: “While walking from Union Station in Washington, D.C., to a friend’s birthday bash a few months ago, I came across a bridal party in beautiful blush tones walking up the steps of the Supreme Court. The soft elegance of their dresses fluttering in the breeze against the backdrop of the striking white Neoclassical building was a real moment. It made me reflect on justice and the significance of the color pink, from feminine and traditional to powerful and political. I was lucky to get a shot, which I posted on my MHM Interiors Instagram.”

MATERIALS: “I had some great materials to work with, including a stunning Arabescato marble built-in contemporary vanity and a Kohler Purist brass wall-mounted faucet. I also used handmade wallpaper by The Alpha Workshops called Spencer in Bronzed Basalt from the Capsule Collection. It’s a moody backdrop that is also the perfect contrast to Benjamin Moore’s awesome pink First Light 2102-70 on the ceiling. When this color was announced as Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2020, I really felt my pink-themed powder room was meant to be! I built on this luxurious tension with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furnishings, including the super funky and fun Poppy swivel chair. The Cleo ombré glass side table is another edgy eclectic piece I love. Handblown pink glass light fixtures by Moshe Bursuker for Evari Studio are the icing on the cake.”

FAVORITE PART: “The Barbie dolls! I was looking for a way to express the redefinition and evolution of the color pink from feminine to empowered. Barbie is the embodiment of that message.”

Designed by Tara Kantor, Tara Kantor Interiors

GOALS: “My goal with this bathroom was to create a space that was as luxurious as the townhouse itself yet didn’t feel overdone or stuffy.”

INSPIRATIONS: “I was very inspired by the celestial and ethereal. To that end, I used organic materials and metals, including marble, metal, bronze and jade. The wallpaper is a gilded hand-painted stunner by Maya Romanoff, and the ceiling is clad in a finish from Innovations.”

                                              Photography by Seth Caplan

MATERIALS: “The emerald green chair from Cuff Home was part of the concept from the beginning, as I wanted the room to have a hint of color but one readily found in nature. Moon shapes can be seen in many places in the room, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the pieces I used have names that reflect that inspiration – like the Cosmos side table by May furniture and the mini crescent fixture from Lee Broom.

FAVORITES: “My favorite part of the redesign was working with my art consultant, Lauren Bender. I immediately knew that art was a key component of the space, and we had so much fun selecting the pieces in the room.”

Designed by Hilary Matt, Hilary Matt Interiors

GOALS: “My goal was to create a modern and fun space.”

                         Photography by Seth Caplan

INSPIRATIONS: “I was inspired by curved lines in my room. I use a lot of straight lines in my design and wanted to try something a little different.”

MATERIALS: “I used a beautiful marble slab for the fireplace and lots of velvety fabrics for the furniture and pillows.”

FAVORITE PART: “My favorite part of the redesign was seeing the transformation. It’s hard to believe it’s the same room!”

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