Rocky Mountain Hardware Hits the Road

Published: July 1, 2013

This past February, Bob Shaw, Rocky Mountain Hardware’s national sales manager, set out in a 37-ft. RV outfitted with a mini showroom in its stern. To date on his solo journey he has logged 13,521 miles, encompassing 14 states and 76 cities, where he has visited with dealers, designers and architects.

“Our typical work week allows for only an hour of show-and-tell time with the reps and dealers who are able to visit us in Idaho,” said Shaw from Pensacola, Fla. “This initiative is a total game changer as now I can meet without racing the clock and really dive deep into conversations about the brand’s core and collections. I’ve been conducting sales training for our dealers and their sales associates. And, I’ve been helping them interact with their clients, even going so far as helping them with writing the specs on projects and sealing the deal on sales. The positive and grateful reaction I’m receiving is proving how valuable it is to demonstrate to your customers that you’re willing to go the distance – literally – to get to know them better, personally meet and spend time with them. This is a relationship-building journey that no phone call or email can ever accomplish.”

Julie Koch, founder of Elegant Additions in Houston and Dallas, accompanied Shaw on visits to 14 of her design and architectural firm clients before the RMH-mobile set up at her showroom for additional viewings. “The mobile showroom was spectacular and further sets Rocky Mountain Hardware apart from the architectural product pack,” said Koch. “This type of personal presentation is exactly what’s missing in the industry. It’s a fun and engaging tool to build buzz and business.”

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“The tour is exceeding all expectations,” said Christian Nickum, Rocky Mountain’s CEO. “It’s increasing brand awareness, strengthening and building relationships and propelling discussions on collaborations and subsequent orders. Craftsmanship and customer service are the pillars of Rocky Mountain Hardware, and I think this message is being driven home with our one-man mobile tour.” 

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