Minimizing Waste While Creating Sustainable Spaces

Published: March 29, 2023

On this week’s From the Tap podcast, we spoke with architect Wayne Turett about minimizing waste in design and construction. Wayne started his firm, The Turett Collaborative, in 1991. Based in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, it’s a multi-disciplinary office that spans the practice of architecture and interior design, graphics, and custom product and furniture design. The firm’s commitment to green building and design is not just for the environment – it is for their clients’ health, wellbeing and living in harmony with their surroundings.

With his green building expertise, Turett advocates strongly for green thinking on all of projects, and encourage his consultants and partners to do the same. Our discussion focused on how designers can complete kitchen and bath renovations with the least amount of waste while creating a more sustainable space.

Our conversation began with Wayne explaining that “waste” has multiple definitions in the context of construction. Waste can be found in excessive material usage, it can be measured in time lost, and in expenditure of natural resources. All of these negatively impact both design practices and the environment.

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Next, Wayne walks listeners through the specific ways that kitchens and baths are generally the most wasteful spaces in home renovation and construction. He outlines effective ways that designers can minimize waste and enhance sustainability in their projects by citing real-life examples of successful strategies. He also addresses issues of cost and client buy-in.

Wayne wraps up the podcast by sharing the guiding philosophy to his design process.

To hear more about Turett’s waste-management strategy and his expertise in sustainability, watch the full video above or listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Pandora and other outlets.

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB Managing Editor

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