Kohler and Phyn Offer Integration with Alarm.com for H2Wise Product Suite

Published: October 5, 2022

Kohler, a global leader in innovation and manufacturer of kitchen and bath products, and Phyn, the leader in intelligent water solutions, today announced that their suite of whole home monitoring products now integrates directly with Alarm.com, the leading platform for the intelligently connected property, creating a powerful all-inclusive water security system for homeowners. Kohler and Phyn have also partnered with Toll Brothers, the nation’s leading builder of luxury homes, to offer the simple turnkey solution to its single-family residence customers.

As demand increases for sustainable, energy and water-efficient homes, the suite of smart water solutions from Kohler and Phyn make it easier than ever for homeowners to track their water consumption, identify areas of excess water use, track leaks in real-time, and take meaningful action to conserve and save money. By connecting Kohler H2Wise and Phyn products to the Alarm.com platform, users will be able to monitor and manage smart home devices through their Alarm.com app.

“We are very excited to offer Kohler’s new H2Wise solution as an option for our Toll Brothers home buyers across the country. The ability to monitor water use in real-time – down to each individual fixture and appliance in the home – is a real game changer for smart home technology and conservation,” said Felicia Ratka, president of Toll Brothers Smart Home Technologies. “In addition, the features for automatic shut off, leak detection, and freeze warning for pipes in colder weather markets will provide a lot of value, especially for our buyers who are second homeowners or snowbirds. Having a single source to control all connected devices and the ability for those devices to speak to each other is a huge value add to the overall smart home space.”

With the Alarm.com integration, Toll Brothers homeowners who are Alarm.com security subscribers will now have access to even more home control features to allow them to easily monitor and manage their water usage and receive real-time leak alerts in their Alarm.com app. These homeowners can easily integrate their Kohler and Phyn devices with Alarm.com by syncing their respective apps with the Alarm.com app, allowing users to remotely monitor their home through one central platform.

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“A major added benefit of Kohler and Phyn’s partnership with Alarm.com is that now our water monitoring technology can be used in single family homes developed by Toll Brothers,” said Huston Sprang, Kohler Senior Product Manager. “Toll Brothers’ use of Alarm.com integrates H2Wise monitoring seamlessly for one single platform for customers to control their smart home solutions simply.”

“Our builder division is excited to see Toll Brothers extend the Alarm.com platform with water management services to differentiate their homes further and increase homeowner functionality,” said Shawn Barry, Vice President of Strategic Sales at Alarm.com.

Alarm.com now integrates with the following Kohler H2Wise solutions and Phyn products:
● Kohler H2Wise Powered by Phyn – H2Wise can be easily installed by the homeowner under any sink and works to continuously monitor water pressure and provide real-time alerts, giving the homeowner peace of mind when they are away.
● Kohler H2Wise+ Powered by Phyn – H2Wise+ is professionally installed onto the main water line, thus providing the ability to shut off the main water supply automatically and remotely when a leak is detected. H2Wise+ analyzes the entire home’s plumbing 24/7 to detect hidden issues every time water is turned on in the house.
● Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff – Phyn Plus uses patented, high-definition pressure wave analysis to alert homeowners the second a leak is detected, mitigating costly damage through automatic water shutoff and informing homeowners about their water use.
● Phyn Smart Water Assistant – The self-installed water monitor that goes under a single sink immediately notifies homeowners if a leak is detected anywhere in their home and provides detailed insights into how each fixture in the home uses water.

Alarm.com and Toll Brothers customers also benefit from the latest in Phyn’s industry-leading AI powered leak detection technology. Phyn’s new Ultra Low Flow (ULF) identification rolled out this month has significantly improved near real-time detection of ULF events all the way down to .01 gallons per minute (GPM), representing an up to 10x improvement from its prior version. This means earlier detection of more leaks, potentially saving homeowners thousands of dollars down the line.

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