Kitchen Magic Streamlines Manufacturing Facility

Published: June 29, 2022

Kitchen Magic is pleased to announce the increase of its manufacturing operations in the Lehigh Valley. The acquisition of an additional computer numerical control (CNC) computer-aided machine enables the firm to increase productivity.  

Meeting Customer Needs

The company will shorten wait times and maintain its high-quality standards in a market where the demand for kitchen remodeling projects has grown by more than 20% since 2020.   

“The manufacturing upgrade increases efficiency, streamlines operations, and reduces costs,” observes James Mayers, who serves as continuous improvement & compliance manager at Kitchen Magic.  

Meeting customers’ changing needs has been imperative for the company since its founding. The recent upgrade is one of the continual advances the family-owned firm has invested in since 1979.  

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 In addition to expanding and training new and existing staff and supervisors, the recent acquisition is significant for producing Kitchen Magic’s newly introduced Barwen line of affordable, stylish cabinetry.    

Why the New Addition 

The new technology is highly automated making the cabinet-cutting process highly efficient once the machine is programmed and materials are loaded. While all Kitchen Magic cabinetry is still hand assembled, expediting the cutting process improves manufacturing time, precision and reduces time to completion.  These enhanced efficiencies shorten client and wait times significantly. The recent equipment acquisition also adds to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, helping attract the region’s skilled labor force.  

Due to the continuation of a post covid demand for home improvement projects, Kitchen Magic realized the need for additional automation. According to the recent 2022 U.S. Houzz & Home Study, residential remodeling has increased by 20% since 2020. Additionally, the kitchen has been the leading interior room for homeowners to update. In 2021, kitchen renovations were up 27%.  

“Demand was unprecedented once we reopened after the mandated Pennsylvania manufacturing shut down”, adds Mayers. “The new technology will safeguard the company from downtime with less maintenance and repair,” he adds.  The newest CNC will be used primarily for cabinet construction, while the firm‘s two existing CNC machines are mainly for door construction.  

What Is CNC Machining?  

CNC machining is a process in which pre-programmed computer software produces a controlled digital process to manufacture efficiently and with greater-end accuracy. This ensures high-quality end result of a wide variety of manufactured products that the CNC machine makes using three-dimensional cutting. 

 CNC technicians program computer devices that control machine tools, resulting in rapidly automated shop productivity, improving speed and optimizing product caliber.

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