KBB’s From the Tap Podcast Talks Pet Peeves of the Job

Published: July 7, 2021

KBB’s second episode of its new podcast – From the Tap – talks about pet peeves of the job that can rear up as a design professional and how to make the most of those situations. Our guest was Patricia Davis Brown, owner of Vero Beach, Fla.-based Patricia Davis Brown Designs. The designer has been in the industry since 1985, so she has had a lot of experience with certain pitfalls of her profession.

She noted specific types of clients to avoid, attracting your ideal clients, how to deal with a client “shopping you,” managing unrealistic expectations, communicating your value, her views on design plagiarism and navigating various team members with different personalities.

Davis Brown also talked about the parts of owning her own firm she likes the least and those she prefers, as well not being afraid to change your mindset when things get tough. During the recession several years ago, she started three internet companies, one of which has become a great business venture for her. She also said the pandemic has created a lot more remote work, which she had been doing for years with projects outside of her normal area – now it is just more widely accepted.

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The designer stressed the importance of having a well-maintained and designed website with great photography to highlight your work.

Lastly, she shared some of her pet peeves regarding design styles in general (you might be surprised!), so listen to/view the whole podcast on our YouTube page and via channels like Spotify to get the scoop!

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