Gaggenau Launches Flagship Showroom in Miami

Published: January 2, 2024

Gaggenau announced the opening of its Miami flagship showroom. Distinctly perched above the buzz of the Miami Design District, the new showroom offers a serene respite for culinary enthusiasts, architects and designers to be inspired by the intersection of innovative art, design and cuisine.

The architectural designers of the showroom were Munich-based studio 1zu33. The firm has worked with Gaggeanu for more than a decade creating memorable flagships, trade shows and exclusive events. The design concept developed for this showroom stems from merging Gaggenau’s minimalist aesthetic with Miami’s Art Deco glamor creating a “Minimal Deco” design style.

Gaggenau Flagship Showroom Miami

The new showroom offers a curated journey for customers into the luxury world of Gaggenau dating back to 1683 in the Black Forest. Heritage, craftmanship and uncompromising performance are represented in carefully chosen materials throughout the showroom, including signature wood elements sustainability sourced from the Black Forest by German timber experts Schotten & Hansen, innovative lighting by German-based Occhio GmbH, porcelain from Hering Berlin and stemware from JosephinenHütte.

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The brand has experienced an increase in demand for its products in North America leading to the development of a new flagship concept starting with Miami and others globally. The new flagship is specifically designed to pay homage to its city’s rich cultural and design heritage. In addition to Miami, the new design concept has debuted in recent openings in Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney. These showrooms join more than 60 flagships and showrooms in major cities worldwide.

“The flagship seamlessly blends modern loft design with South Florida’s Art Deco heritage, embodying Gaggenau’s timeless elegance,” said Heather Ryan, head of Gaggenau North America. “The showroom makes you feel that you are entering a friend’s well-appointed home, discreetly showcasing our appliances within a residential setting, avoiding the typical commercial store ambience. It’s a sanctuary within the Miami Design District, offering a serene, intimate brand experience.”

Featuring a fully equipped 400 series kitchen, the showroom offers culinary exploration. An impressive chef’s table — the main area focal point — will play host to upcoming events and demonstrations amid carefully curated materials creating an aesthetic that is both warm and understated. A lounge space for casual conversations frames views of Miami beach, while the expansive outdoor rooftop patio is ideal for hosting special events.

The showroom offers an immersive experience for guests, including curated art installations, providing innovative and emerging artists a platform to showcase their work in the new location. 

In celebration of the new Miami showroom, artist and architect Matt Gagnon debuted new works, including his “Light Stack” totem poles, which reflect their surroundings changing from day to night, abstract steel sculptures and an otherworldly textured “volcano.” His “Gray Blue” light stack is on permanent display and features stacks of various materials, including glass, wood, concrete, acrylic and steel. At dusk, its illumination in the showroom is stunning. 

Also featured in the new showroom is the exquisite hand-crafted porcelain tableware of Stefanie Hering, founder, artist and designer of Hering Berlin. The pieces, which are not only elegant and artistic, are highly functional and will be used throughout the showroom.

Photo credit: Gaggenau

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