Excelling at Kitchen Design When You Don’t Like to Cook

Published: April 18, 2024

In our most recent From the Tap podcast, we spoke to Gina D’Amore Bauerle of Denver-based D’Amore Interiors about excelling at kitchen design even if you don’t cook. This discussion stemmed from a Facebook post we started in a design group that had a lot of opinions on the matter.

D’Amore Bauerle has admitted she does not like to cook, but she still considers herself a great designer. She does not feel that knowing how to cook is a prerequisite for design and instead feels it makes her less likely to have biases going into a project.

“I will say that I am the home organizer and cleaner, so I think that still gives me more than enough clout to talk kitchens,” she added.

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Perfecting the Process

The designer still goes through the same information-gathering process that all professionals do with their clients as a starting point. She spends a lot of time attending appliance trainings at various showrooms, so she has a chance to experience what it is like to use the products. She also says it’s important to understand the different brands and where they excel. She also shared other examples of how she becomes educated on what is available to our market.

D’Amore Bauerle also falls back on her own experience of being a mother to determine storage requirements in a client’s kitchen. There are also certain materials you may not want to specify for a busy family with young kids.

Kitchen Design Dos & Don’ts

The designer also shared some of don’ts when designing a kitchen, such as not placing certain appliances too close together. Some of her must-haves include a thoroughly thought-out storage plan and specialized coffee and beverage bars.

D’Amore Bauerle told us about some instances where her clients have truly surprised her with their requests, as well as instances when the has learned something from them as well.

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Photo credit: Ashton Ray Hansen

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