DXV 2018 Design Panel Unveils “Art Infusion”

Published: October 15, 2018

Each year the DXV Design Panel brings together award-winning interior designers to create spaces inspired by the DXV collections. The Design Panel aims to encourage a dynamic, two-way conversation with professionals and consumers about the larger universe of opulent design.

View a photo gallery of the vignettes HERE.

Led by DXV design curator, Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus, the DXV 2018 Design Panel presents “Art Infusion,” an exploration of the constantly changing world of art and design. The panel was charged with integrating fine art into an everyday space by reinterpreting four essential artistic movements: classic Impressionism, geometric abstraction, the mid-century sculpture garden and contemporary photography.

The 2018 DXV Design Panel members John Kelsey and Sally Wilson, Jonathan Legate, Laura Muller and Alan Tanksley created the following bath vignettes as a result.

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Sally Wilson and John Kelsey
“Classic Impressionism,” (1890-1920)

This husband-and-wife team are co-owners of their Boston-based firm, Wilson Kelsey Design.

Throughout Wilson and Kelsey’s vignette, graceful shapes inspired by water, lilies and other elements of the natural world reflect the pastoral settings often depicted in Impressionist paintings. Echoing the oval shape of the room, the Lowell freestanding soaking tub and contemporary floor-mount tub filler highlight softly arched design lines.

Alan Tanksley
“Geometric Abstraction,” (1920-1950)

Based in New York City, Alan Tanksley is among America’s leading practitioners of residential design, detailed interior space planning and custom furniture and fixture design.

In this bathroom, Tanksley lays a foundation of geometric floor tiles for a striking architectural statement, replacing the primary colors often used by abstract artists with neutral tones to create a restful environment. Randall showerheads and trim and the Fitzgerald toilet and bidet play against the powerful geometries of the floor tiles in a reflection of the design sensibilities of the time.

Jonathan Legate
“Mid-Century Sculpture Garden,” (1950-1990)

Driven not only by clients’ tastes and requirements but by their personalities, Nova Scotia, Can.-based Jonathan Legate creates homes that express the essential natures of their owners.

For his DXV space, Legate invokes a fresh, airy and open feeling within an enclosed space. Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, a living wall of ivy and water pools embellishes his bathing pavilion. Paintings and sculptures in bright, primary hues celebrate the quiet shapes of the sleek bath fixtures, such as the AT200 LS SpaLet integrated bidet toilet and Cossu wall-mounted lavatory, which are displayed like pieces of art.

Laura Muller
“Contemporary Photography,” (1990-Today)

Based in Los Angeles, Laura Muller’s company, Four Point Design Build, weaves together contemporary and traditional styles, resulting in clean, modern spaces.

Taking inspiration from the light and shadow technique in photography, Muller created a warm, contemporary bathing space. Intimate and sensual, the room was designed to respond artfully as natural light moves from morning to afternoon to twilight to moonlight.

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