DesignAlign Sales Platform Launched by operateIT and SEN Design Group

Published: January 12, 2024

This article was originally published on January 12, 2024; it was updated on January 21, 2024.

DesignAlign Sales Platform Launched by operateIT and SEN Design Group

In a significant move to transform kitchen and bath industry sales, operateIT and SEN Design Group have partnered to launch the groundbreaking DesignAlign selling system platform. Keith Tobias, CEO of operateIT, alongside Ken Peterson, CKD, president and founder of SEN Design Group, announced this collaboration today, marking a milestone in interactive project budgeting and sales efficiency.

Keith Tobias commented, “Our collaboration with SEN Design Group is a crucial step towards revolutionizing the kitchen and bath industry. The insights and expertise from SEN, who represent a diverse range of kitchen and bath professionals, have been invaluable in enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of DesignAlign. Their deep understanding of industry needs and trends has enabled us to tailor DesignAlign to truly resonate across the sector. This tool is not just about technological innovation; it’s about transforming the way sales are conducted, keeping in mind the diverse needs of our industry professionals.”

Ken Peterson added, “DesignAlign is set to redefine how our industry operates. We’re looking at substantial time savings in securing client commitments, enhanced closing rates, and potentially up to 40% increase in sales and gross profit margins. It’s a strategic asset for any business owner in our field.”

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designalign interface

A highlight of the DesignAlign package is the advanced Cabinet Selector (above). This intuitive feature allows designers to navigate cabinetry options effortlessly, using specific attributes to generate accurate budget ranges quickly. This innovation addresses the industry’s need for efficient preliminary planning and is a testament to operateIT’s commitment to technological advancement.

In early 2024, SEN will introduce DesignAlign to industry professionals through a series of one-day sales seminars titled “From Hello to Retainer in Your First Meeting” in nine metro areas. These seminars are expected to offer valuable insights into leveraging DesignAlign for business growth.

Photo credit: operateIT

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