Daltile Launches Stylizer Tool

Published: October 31, 2022

Daltile has launched the Stylizer, a new visualizer on its website that greatly simplifies the shopping experience for customers. This digital product visualizer is unique in the tile industry — Daltile’s Stylizer goes a step further than other visualizers by linking to a myriad of pre-selected, curated sets of floor, wall and mosaic tiles, as well as countertops.

Curated Sets

“The power of curated sets is that they allow customers to see how ‘all’ of the floor, wall, mosaic and countertop elements can combine together in one harmonious whole room visual,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of marketing, Dal-Tile LLC. “Being able to visualize the curated assortments already put together taps into why resources, such as Pinterest, are so popular with consumers. Daltile’s new Stylizer meets this consumer need. In addition, Daltile’s vast offering of curated boards allows customers to shop by color, look, room and style. Shopping for tile couldn’t be easier.

“By providing curated assortments, Daltile’s Stylizer is also a big help to retailers and contractors. When customers can see what a final space will actually look like — including floor, wall, mosaic, and countertop components — they are more likely to want the ‘entire package’. If customers can see it, they will want it. This makes it much easier to upsell.”

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How The Stylizer Works

Daltile’s high-resolution Stylizer provides design inspiration 24/7 via any cell phone, hand-held device, laptop or desktop computer. This new digital tool allows the shopper to visualize products in one of two ways. Consumers can upload an actual photo of a room in their own home and then virtually try out any of the brand’s tile, stone, mosaic or countertop products in their space. 

The Stylizer will instantly populate the desired product into their chosen application in the photo such as a floor, wall or countertop. As a second option, consumers may populate products into example room scenes provided by Daltile, such as a bedroom, kitchen, living room or mudroom. An additional feature is the ability to visually install the desired product into the photo vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve just the right look.

Exclusive To Daltile

Daltile’s Stylizer has exclusive rights to the enhanced feature of linking the visualizer to curated options; no other brand in the tile industry is able to offer this ability. The brand is partnering with leading product visualizer vendor Roomvo to offer the robust Daltile Stylizer.

“The power of Daltile’s new Stylizer increases both the fun and efficiency of selecting the right products for a space,” said Thorn-Brooks. “As with all of our digital and marketing efforts, our goal is to ensure retailers, contractors and end-consumers experience success with Daltile products.”

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