BauTeam Opens New York Showroom

Published: October 21, 2020

All brands of the German concern BauTeam are finally available in New York City. A stylish boutique showroom has opened at the A&D Building.

The BauTeam New York showroom features the latest technologies that seem to exist on the hazy border of magic and reality, unrealistic design solutions and non-standard materials.

BauTeam New York will showcase most of the BauTeam brands like BT45 German Kitchen Tailors, Bauformat and BauLux kitchens, BLV bathrooms and BauCloset.

In addition to the luxurious designs and “kitchen for people” motto, BauTeam is known for its green production, influenced by the company’s deep concern about the climate change and our generation’s impact on the environment. All BauTeam products are made using zero-waste manufacturing techniques and environmentally friendly materials that have been awarded the Blue Angel Ecolabel for environmental, health and performance.

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BLV Block Bathroom

Innovative technology is used not only in manufacturing process but also in design concepts. In the past few years alone, the BauTeam has received all major design awards for Most Innovative Products, including the American IDS and Chicago Athenaeum Design awards. The Seattle Times called BT45 kitchens “the kitchens of the future.”

“We celebrated [our] 104th birthday this year,” said Natasha Shtapauk, BauTeam brand ambassador. “We have the best technology and the best award-winning design team!”

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