ARAN Continues to Expand Into Contract Sector

Published: March 19, 2023

“Think big to build big.” These are the words of Renzo Rastelli, ARAN World CEO and owner, speaking about the genesis of the new showroom in Lugano, Switzerland  dedicated to the contract sector.

The Abruzzan company continues to plainly approach the large supplies, also across national borders. As an additional step in the ARAN strategy development, ARAN Spazio Contract Lugano is born as a step towards an ever more complex plan for worldwide expansion.
The willingness and the “Think Big” attitude prompted the company to look to the Swiss territory, finding in the city of Lugano a solid project-oriented reality.

“ARAN Spazio Contract Lugano represents a concrete transition towards the implementation of the company strategy to be present in the main business of the contract sector. The Swiss marketplace, without any brokerage, allows to reach this market to offer all the requested services: project support and, mainly, installation. The first evidence not only is extremely encouraging, but also witnesses that this direction perfectly crosses the always growing demand of direct relationship between promoters and manufacturers. Swiss, for real estate and for the expected development modules, is a crucial step in this perspective,” said Antonio Radin, chief of ARAN Spazio Contract Lugano.

A major business in the Lugano area offers a concrete perception of what ARAN Made in Italy can give to satisfy the requests of an ever more demanding public.

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When entering the new showroom, the company’s expertise in turnkey projects is immediately clear. The space in which the consulting and competence of the ARAN experts becomes the base of every custom-made project.

The intent is that of creating spaces with a precise personality to transform the furniture in an organized component which respects the contemporary living functions. The total look by ARAN World builds new spaces thought as “tailor-made” to keep up with a world in continue evolution.

“In line with the similar Milan operation of the last year, which saw the birth of ARAN Spazio Contract Milan, this new development in a key market as the Swiss one witnesses the special attention that the company intends to devote to the real estate, looking for a growing dialogue with manufacturing companies that have dedicated and specialized organizations,” said Stefano Bergamin, chief of ARAN Spazio Contract.

The distinctive feature of the ARAN Spazio Contract is to overcome the traditional intervention model of the producers, based almost exclusively on products supply. ARAN intends to follow this goal by locating service facilities focused on the markets that synergistically work with each other and with the parent company.

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