An Inside Look at the Holiday House Hamptons

Published: June 28, 2019

The Holiday House Hamptons designer showhouse, presented by HC&G, has opened to the public in Watermill, N.Y. Founded by 22-year veteran breast cancer survivor Iris Dankner, Holiday House donates all gala and general admission ticket sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and has become one of New York City’s and the Hamptons’ leading design events.

More than 20 design firms transformed each room of the newly-built 12,500-sq.-ft. Hamptons estate, creating luxuriously appointed spaces and innovative designs loosely inspired by “holiday” themes. KBB spoke with the kitchen and bath designers to find out

View a gallery of the kitchen & baths in Holiday House HERE.

Designers: Maria Pyrros & Laura Nigro, Thermon Designs
Goals: For this space, this design duo wanted to create a bath that was naturally elegant and complemented the architecture of the home. They accomplished this by designing a couple’s suite with two separate rooms.

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Challenges: “The most difficult aspect of the spaces was the small water closet in ‘her’ bath. Due the tight space constraints, it was difficult to find the appropriate scale lighting and accessories. We spent the most time figuring out how to make an impact and stay true to our design esthetic. Ultimately, we persevered and turned it into a ‘pink jewel.’” – Pyrros

Favorites: “Our favorite part of the project was working together. We are not only business partners but also great friends too! Our honesty with each other creates a loving environment were ideas flow naturally. We are both driven to create excellence and feel that our relationship makes every project and every day special.” – Nigro

Designer: Amy Hill, Amy Hill Designs

Goals: Hill hoped to design a room that was reflective of the areas in which she works: Palm Beach, Fla., and the Hamptons.

Challenges: “My main challenge in trying to create such a space was to make sure to find the perfect balance between sophistication and relaxation. In mixing luxurious fabrics with organic elements, I feel I was able to achieve this balance.” – Hill

Best Part: “I love finding just the right pieces. A few of the pieces I found years ago, not knowing when or how they would be used, but they spoke to me.” – Hill

Designer: Gary Ciuffo, Ciuffo Cabinetry

The team worked to design, build and install a kitchen that would be cohesive with the rest of the home, with a simple, comfortable and clean style.

Challenges: “Our biggest hurdle was actually also a luxury as well: the shape, size and length of the space.” – Ciuffo

Favorites: “Looking back at the space in its entirety is what I best enjoyed!” – Ciuffo

Designer: Tamara Stephenson, Tamara Stephenson Interior Design

Goals: The design team wanted to create a dramatic space in this small area by instilling points of interest.

Challenges: “As it is a small space and it’s a bathroom, the challenges are in designing a room that transcends a bathroom and makes it one people want to spend time in and find interest. We wanted to create a strong mood in the space, and we envisioned a party in the house or dinner guests getting lost in the wallpaper and photography.” – Stephenson

Best Part: “Connecting with the other designers in the house and the guests visiting has been rewarding. Hearing from them what they liked most and how they feel about living and decorating here in the Hamptons is really educational and enjoyable. We also love seeing our wallpaper in this modern space and seeing how cohesively it all works together with the other designers’ spaces.” – Stephenson

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