AI-Assisted Cabinet Brand, Isla Porter, Launches

Published: June 13, 2024

AI-Assisted Cabinet Brand, Isla Porter, Launches

This article was originally published on June 13, 2024; it was updated on July 3, 2024.

Isla Porter, a new cabinetry brand, has launched its website and app for interior designers. The brand aims to facilitate the kitchen design process by providing custom, high-design cabinetry with the help of AI technology. This innovative startup streamlines interior design workflows, reducing project time from 40 hours to just three hours – a 92.5% efficiency gain.

Isla Porter is led by Sharon Dranko and Emily Arthur. Dranko, cofounder and CEO in charge of all things merchandising, marketing, and operations for the brand, is a design lover through and through, and built her career working in product development, sourcing and merchandising for some of the largest home retailers in the country.

Isla porter founders Emily Arthur and Sharon dranko

Emily Arthur (left) and Sharon Dranko (right), cofounders of Isla Porter. Photo credit: Isla Porter

Emily Arthur is Isla Porter’s cofounder and CCO. She heads up product design and shaping the brand’s identity and creative direction. Her roots in design are deep, with an industrial design degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and nearly 20 years of experience in home product design at some of the country’s top home retail brands.

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Dranko tells KBB, “We’re excited to finally share our vision for the new kitchen design experience with clients. Our launch is a culmination of extensive product trend research and refinement of the design experience. We’re just at the beginning of an exciting journey toward redefining how people experience renovation.”

Isla Porter has been in development for two years, with beta testing ongoing since its pre-launch announcement in February. The brand is excited to offer its services to interior designers looking to leverage AI in design and save time for creative decisions.

AI and Kitchen Cabinets

Working with Isla Porter is a six-step process:
1. Scan the kitchen using the Isla Porter app
2. Upload client preferences
3. Receive three floor plan suggestions and local labor costs in 3-5 days
4. Consult with Isla Porter design team
5. Receive a color rendering with customization options and materials list
6. Submit the order and receive fully assembled cabinetry in 14 weeks

modern country kitchen

Photo credit: Isla Porter

Currently, there are 20-plus door styles in the Isla Porter catalog, spanning English Traditional to Modern Craftsman. Customizable to a 1/16-inch tolerance, cabinets are offered in inset and overlay configurations and with lacquer and wood finishes. A variety of cut-out designs can spice up many of the door treatments. A full range of end panels and base and apron options further expand the design possibilities. Decorative shelving and range hood covers are also available.

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