Florim Releases Company Sustainability Report

Published: May 27, 2024

Florim has published the 16th edition of the “Sustainability Report,” a document that transparently describes the economic, social, and environmental results achieved in 2023 and presents the goals for the near future.

“The past year will be remembered for the onset of yet another new armed conflict and the continuation of geopolitical instability, with negative effects on the economy. In this context, despite witnessing a general contraction in volumes compared to 2022, Florim, buoyed by the brilliant results achieved in recent years, has continued to look to the future with optimism, confirming the investment plan that began the previous year – commented President Claudio Lucchese in the letter to Stakeholders – He continues: “It is worth mentioning that over 270 million euros have been invested in the 2022-2023 biennium in both the Italian and American branches, mainly aimed at plant renewal.”

The economic profile of 2023 highlights consolidated revenue of 467 million euros and investments amounting to 121 million euros – over 270 million in the two-year period. This represents significant growth compared to the previous period and is in line with the plant renewal plan started in 2022, aimed at innovation, emission reduction, and product quality improvement.

On the environmental front, a new large tank (350m × 6.2m) was constructed at the Mordano plant for rainwater collection. Together with existing facilities, the company was able to recover and reuse about 7 million liters of rainwater in 2023. Clean energy production continues with 127,000 square meters of surfaces covered by photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 12.3 MWp. Since 2012, the year the first panels became operational, FLORIM has measured the CO2 emissions avoided thanks to self-produced energy and the purchase of certified renewable energy (since 2021), reaching 152,845 tons of CO2 avoided in 12 years (23,457 tons in 2023 alone). The Carbon Neutral surfaces project, presented by the company in 2023, is also noteworthy.

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Social responsibility activities continue with a focus on employees and the community, thanks to the contribution of the Ing. Giovanni Lucchese Foundation. In 2023, after 10 years of intense activity at the Health and Training Center, a new agreement was signed with the Sassuolo Hospital, aimed at training medical and paramedical staff and benefiting Florim employees in accessing healthcare services. Support projects for flood damage in Romagna and support for Avis and the Italian Red Cross are described in the same chapter, alongside numerous corporate welfare activities.

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